A Soalin’

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  1. HeartOfAllThings Says:

    Such a excellent song. Ongoing culture it days gone by sundown and today´╗┐ I can’t stop before a live audience it, so addictive! So fun! And very austere as you say. Plotting it would be way more challenging. Excellent job bro. Voice is fantastic ­čÖé

  2. CharlieMcCarron Says:

    @phantasm091´╗┐ Thankfulness!

  3. CharlieMcCarron Says:

    @puppyofwrath Yeah ordinary tuning. It in fact sounds a lot more complicated than it is to play -´╗┐ I urge tiresome it out.

  4. puppyofwrath Says:

    Awe-inspiring… is that in ordinary tuning?

    Nice´╗┐ Martin

  5. Troddew Says:

    the guitar is sound -´╗┐ be more in no doubt with your voice cause you have a excellent one – exceptional dude

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