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4 Responses to “A WINTER WALK IN Downtown Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada [HD]”

  1. Harry Sherriff Says:

    I see the alteration between Europe and Canada, where I. See your own videos and the other guys from Europe videos I will journey to Europe for a long trip a small time soon, iwant to spend a few months there, I’m there. Take it simple my supporter.Harry

  2. aid2003 Says:

    These houses look so uncommon here in Europe .. Excellent to see ..

  3. Harry Sherriff Says:

    Thank you for visiting my girlfriend. I’ll have a few trucks videos soon. We talk later Kumpel.Harry

  4. Harry Sherriff Says:

    Thankfulness Shane. There are a few more seats in Winnipeg on video. Take it simple my supporter.Harry

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