Aboriginal Education

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  1. jethro035181 Says:

    everyone is responsible and should improve aboriginal exception of Native

  2. herrthinks63 Says:

    Very good discussion. It is true that education is the great equalizer. Now let us chat about aboriginal rights – full day kindergarten in the reserves. Why not get not the ones who need it most? They are grossly under-funded by the federal government. When placed in the money at the beginning of the child’s education, we all benefit. Students from poor families at the age of 3 and 4 people! JK students who do not get to read at home, at school reading! AMAZING!

  3. pendulousphallus Says:

    Decent conversation.

  4. Deadmansparty2002 Says:

    I assume this is a reference to the north end of Winnipeg a “haven for the unemployed Aborigines to get together.” No, I have not, but I know quite a few highly functional members of the Aboriginal and it can only be a good thing to reinforce that and help them to achieve all be such heights.

  5. RedTory59 Says:

    You have obviously never lived in the north end of Winnipeg.

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