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25 Responses to “Aidan Lynds and Jonas Richter Get Vicious”

  1. tarvisurkhel Says:

    Water on a leather couch, not gud

  2. LongBird SS Says:

    You can do slide better hahah

  3. TheDrifter89 Says:

    Canada has different import laws than in the United States. You do not have to wait that long. You can. R32 one of us to import in two years

  4. MrAmazingasian16 Says:

    Pause at 0:23, holy shit is that? An R32?

  5. Vicious Griptape Says:

    Aidan – 2012 Rayne Avenger, Aera K4, Butter Balls, Vicious Grip Jonas – Bustin Ratmobile, Aera K4, swifts, Vicious Grip

  6. Evan Littleton Says:

    jonas also is riding a bustin bustin ratmobile with wheels, and I think riding aidan avenger on a 2012 perhaps? dont quote me on it

  7. Jonas Richter Says:

    Jonas Richter is awesome!

  8. Tim Ashelford Says:

    Grommetty question, but what setup you have? These wheels and comets? Sickest vid btw has stoked me

  9. CessGreen208 Says:

    / Watch? V = wbhqE9LblYU & feature = channel & list = UL 😉

  10. Alex Amato Says:


  11. Aidan Lynds Says:


  12. DewCrewLongboarding Says:

    BP are Kill.

  13. Thomas Berkun Says:

    in the man i beeeeeeest it deeeeed

  14. LongBird SS Says:


  15. Byron Essert Says:

    look worst rap battle on youtube

  16. ed garner Says:

    Killing it!

  17. Aidan Lynds Says:

    What do you mean? You do not dig the music?

  18. Sam Galus Says:

    Worst rap battle ever anyone? hahah

  19. LookLongboardMedia Says:

    Gnarly Posted on looklongboardmedia.blogspot.com.

  20. MrBobnowell Says:


  21. mrPACarrier Says:

    love the end:) ‘

  22. Jordan LeBlanc Says:

    Fuck the rain, it makes me want to go skate

  23. mikeykris17 Says:

    * Looks doorbell ** knock * …

  24. izzie833 Says:

    This is deVicious

  25. Jack Poyut Casey Says:

    Ah, back in the days of Vancouver are dry

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