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13 Responses to “Al Gore Desperately Promoting His Business In Canada”

  1. vechorik Says:

    On 7/28/11, it was revealed that the scientist behind the polar-bears-are-in-trouble research is being investigated for “scientific misconduct”. Then, a new study of NASA data revealed that the earth is actually allowing more heat to escape the planet than previously thought by the climate change community. During a speech at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, Al Gore launched into a vulgar tirade while accusing skeptics of media manipulation.

  2. blite13 Says:

    @topologyrob stop endangering US ALL by believing proven liars who have none of the common mans interest at heart. They are using a natural change from solar activity and earth activity into scaring us into accepting their taxes that rob us all even MORE. The changes are not caused by man, it’s a natural occurrence that your hero has clung on to so he can cash in and win awards. Don’t be such a gullible sheep, it is you that is bringing us into slavery and a one world government, SMARTEN UP.

  3. topologyrob Says:

    @blite13 Stop endangering our children by opposing science – climate “scepticism” is fraud, everywhere.

  4. topologyrob Says:

    Good on Al Gore in motivating those who will deal with the consequences of inaction – unless we get going, which we need to do. Tim Ball has no clue and should shut up soon, until he starts paying attention to actual science.

  5. manwello15 Says:

    @loloioi True, I was thinking this was something else, my mistake.

  6. loloioi Says:

    @manwello15 >_> …. Totally incoherent. That’s not al gore. That’s bill gates. Also, the video’s facts were contradicting…. Sorry but it’s totally contradicting.

  7. manwello15 Says:

    @loloioi Fair enough, how about his admission that they use vaccines for depopulation in this video: watch?v=S2UhS4k5FhE

  8. loloioi Says:

    @manwello15 Pretty much. A trustworthy non bias information source. I dont accept anything from right wing because i find that they lie alot. You can disagree but i still want proof because i can’t seem to find any reliable information that tells me that he is a “NWO scumbag”. I am trying to learn both sides of the story.

  9. manwello15 Says:

    @loloioi I am a little confused by your comment “…No media please. 🙂 preferably journalistic article and not from fucking fox news.” So, you want “proofs” in the form of a news article but it cannot be from fox news and it cannot be from any news media? Did I get that right?

  10. katey1dog Says:


    I reiterated! (Only with a smiley face.)

  11. loloioi Says:

    @manwello15 Do you have proofs? I WANT TRUSTWORTHY INFORMATION. No media please. :) preferably journalistic article and not from fucking fox news.

  12. loloioi Says:

    Do you have proof? I WANT TRUST WORTHY INFORMATION/SOURCE. Thanks, no media shit plz. ^_^

  13. loloioi Says:

    @2011rcm You sure about dat? You can’t generalize kids. I listen to my parents and i correct them. What he was saying was legitimate. If he supported something bad then sure we can disagree with him. Doesn’t mean we have to listen to everything that al gore says. I hate how you people think that a certain group of people will actually listen to everythign what people say.

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