Mississauga is Canada’s 6th largest city and the 2nd largest in GTA after Toronto with the population of more than 750,000 growing at the rate of 0.5% per year expect to be rid 812000 by 2031. This master planned city dek’n large area, sitting right next to Toronto to the east and 13km of the coastline on Lake Ontario To western borders we have Oakville & Milton and Brampton is what we have in the direction of the north.

With more than 72000 acres of land, Mississauga city is when & growth of more than 250,000 housing units together between Mississauga homes for sale & Mississauga condos for sale from small studio apartment unit in square one area healthcare multimillion dollar mansions near the lake or Mississauga road.

Why sal’n One Consider Mississauga Homes for Sale as one of the best housing option in the GTA?

Other as a strong credit AAA-credit rating, Mississauga also offers the following top 5 reasons:

1. Great job opportunities: With 54000 Businesses comes into force, Mississauga bied’n great job opportunities to our residents. Of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Hershey, Baxter and the list goes on with a total of 61 companies of such profile create 1000 employments, Mississauga homes for sale are always in demand, which verseker’n healthy balance between supply and demand to maintain the price growth and avoid any sudden price crashes.

2. Lowest Crime rate – Safety is important when you need to decide on the making ofâ move. You definitely do not want to move to a healthcare city where you or your family will feel uncomfortable. Every year, Mississauga had the highest rate of crime incidents per one hundred thousand head count. It has led many to declare Mississauga as Canada’s safest city.

3. Great Education – For many families, one of the most important factors when you decide to buy House to buy, is the position of the school that their children will attend. Mississauga bied’n great variety of high rated private, catholic, French dip and public schools. So many Good schools is indispensable indication ofâ strong community, so nog’n reason for the high demand of Mississauga homes for sale.

4. Strong Master Plan – Mississauga has a downtown 21 master plan main focus of the create ofâ sustainable Green Mississauga with urban space in the center of Mississauga’n strong public transportation system connects our city with all the surrounding cities, reducing the journey time to the promotion of the residents to use public transportation system. Overall focus on infrastructure that enhances prosperity, sustainability, and quality of life. People will always love to stay in a city hence’s a big factor in the insurance ofâ prosperous growth in the demand of Mississauga homes for sale.

5. Many of the Parks and Green Space: Mississauga as a city has always believed to keep the environment and green space as a very important consideration, while taking all the major development decisions. By the nature has created 12000 years ago, Credit to view Wetland is Mississauga’s most unique natural heritage feature. It is located north of Ellington Avenue West, east of Credit view Road. Just as there are other 144 natural areas in the City, including woodlands, wetlands, streams and streams, consists of 7% of the total area of the City. Mississauga pride in this natural heritage that they own and are committed to protect them. It is above and beyond the other 100s of parks & green space initiatives taken within the master plan, which is promising his inwoners’n green future.

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