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4 Responses to “Best/Worst Places to Live in Canada”

  1. missantarctica5 Says:

    Canada is a beautiful country, and we are lucky to live here. There are lots of beautiful cities, but every city has its sketchy areas where it would NOT be good to live. By targeting the most vulnerable people in society, reducing the money they have to live on and increasing their numbers, Harper will help those areas to grow larger…

  2. JeremyAdshade Says:

    sadly the dali lama said Calgary and its surounding areas was one of most beautiful parts of the world he’d been, (kanaskis, banff/canmore, the badlands, wetlands, etc)

    But victoria come on…. its just crankey old people, whiney rich kids and the crazy new agers all stranded on a rock. lol people from victoria Hate victoria, and i mean HATE.

    but from somebody who a driven coast to coast twice, all of Canada and its Canadians are Beautiful and a great place to be.

  3. jimtube84 Says:

    Where can I get one of those stop harper operation maple stickers?

  4. jimtube84 Says:

    24 Sussex Drive, no wait, not a chance.

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