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22 Responses to “Bus ride to downtown Calgary.”

  1. benchod94 Says:

    @ Colinh25 ovverated Vancouver is a hellhole

  2. randompaperclips Says:

    nope. Calgary is Canada’s best city.

  3. sslsnake652 Says:

    I found out …. the secret to gettting free ride in Vancouver, Canada happened act like a bewildered foreginer lol me is I have two free tickets on the bus. : D

  4. trooper744 Says:

    cant remember .. the utterly detestable Leafs and their fans

  5. adamrocks2006 Says:

    heheheeh yeh thanks bro … That’s what I heard …. and that’s all I need

  6. woo2fly18 Says:

    I do not know, I hear there are many good-looking white women there

  7. adamrocks2006 Says:

    I live in the planning on moving to CALG .. good or bad?

  8. madelchan Says:

    Cool video! If you made this, I had just been in Calgary for a few months! Never tried the 108 lol lol I have no idea where you are

  9. scott192 Says:

    calgary is a great city! I’m glad i dont take the bus here tho it sucks!

  10. titanicmasters Says:

    im from toronto, but lived most of my life in calgary, toronto is huge, but we should say that the states, cities, we’ve got a bigger tower lol. but hey, has many upsides to calgary! : D: D … I love both cities, and I really could calgary more like, just because of its clean air, less headaches, has mountain views, beautiful and Toronto erm, towers! that’s pretty good there

  11. CALMES25 Says:

    It was Route 108

  12. raptors887 Says:

    Toronto you people are so annoying!

  13. woo2fly18 Says:

    looks like a city of toronto comparison

  14. amazinggrovyle Says:

    I went on this journey and I agree proud of my city, CALGARY!!

  15. crewlla Says:

    This is a very old video of Cowboys Bar is not even there, just a big hole.

  16. busrailfan Says:

    Looks like Route 101, 104, 108, 301, or 112? What was it?

  17. acrobat7788 Says:

    Want to have a petroleum-based economy anirely never long … i don t my life gambeled the stock market … not for me

  18. NaTiVeLoVa Says:

    The most expensive city in Canada so you fuck.

  19. manohman101 Says:

    They have a clip from my house

  20. BLUDDYknucklez Says:

    Hell Gary

  21. cossonjackson Says:

    no, it’s hell

  22. honeybunny9999 Says:

    I’ve been on this path!

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