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24 Responses to “Buy Cheap Home : Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – Safe Living”

  1. doctorfuse007 Says:

    No matter what thing under $90,000? Utilities apart from water not that vital, but some fit for human occupation organize would be nice.

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  3. yamahonkawazuki Says:

    like htis place too terrible im in the US. can pay cash

  4. westcoastweb Says:

    NO WAY it’s STILL for SALE
    Since 2008?

  5. Kamikuru77 Says:

    @gchicalo is it really?!

  6. islandmamma Says:

    HEY my supporter used to rent that house! The yard is fantastic. The house is a bit ancient but has reputation and charm.

  7. BoomBrush Says:

    is it in sooke? if not screw u

  8. RockerDaddyTazz Says:

    Wow if you could find a way I could finance it or one like it I’m in!!
    Call or e-mail me!!

  9. spoonido Says:

    Could it have cost that much to hire an commentator?

  10. buynanaimo1 Says:

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  11. VancouverHomesTV Says:

    @limbery FTW.

  12. gchicalo Says:

    @meandkg Fresh drinking water.

  13. gdanjou1 Says:

    oh, that voice,,,,,,, but , it still seems like a very nice house anyhow..

  14. colliebarbu Says:

    sound like E.T

  15. westcoastweb Says:

    WHY IS THIS VIDEO STILL UP?????????????

  16. clock2012 Says:

    how was affair over there? Is depression proof. If not…. hell no…

  17. meandkg Says:

    Hey, Just wondering what kind of water is going owing to in the patch?

  18. SkySarahFilms Says:

    that voice is just so scary I reckon im going to have a nightmare about it. thats scary at 3:32. it turns red. It frightened me. ahhhhhhhhh! and then there were statues next that frightened me. but defiently sweet just scary. probally has some ghosts.

  19. LouisaDW Says:

    Sounds like aliens are “hawking” this place!

  20. zxcvbnmjhgfdsa1 Says:

    is it just me but lack of emotion and sales pitch must be an add

  21. Qoconut Says:

    The house is still void??

  22. Cdogpyjamas Says:

    It really isn’t a excellent thought using a pad generated voice.

  23. plstrom Says:


  24. limbery Says:

    So Stephen Hawkin’s is now promotion real estate?!!!!!

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