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7 Responses to “Calgary Weather April 2012 – Varied in 24 hours”

  1. WBShepherd Says:

    It is fantastic city to live, our winters can be terrible, but not near as much as other parts of Canada. And the summer ride out seems to be being paid longer. LOL. It’s a fantastic place to live – I can not see tender everyplace else in the world, and still be pleased. 🙂

  2. lunarain19 Says:

    I want to live in Calgary. (

  3. WBShepherd Says:

    Hi Wendy. Thankfulness. “Courageous”? Naw! Tollkühn more like, and a touch of disturbance, when it comes to avoidance the law by distracted drivers. LOL.Ich PM’ed you about the other issues. Thankfulness.Ja, it’s everlastingly nice to meet new acquaintances. 🙂

  4. Windsong14 Says:

    Hi Wally, I’m Wendy. . . I like your videos and thought, gee courageous man. The movie while pouring in and nearly Calgary I am Metis and I live in the southwest. Care to go for a brunette? Bring your wife or gf, if you have one. Nice to meet new acquaintances. Hiy hiy.

  5. WBShepherd Says:

    Thankfulness. Only on video all, and starts land my concentration … and often times as’ the ride out – excellent and terrible. 🙂

  6. OrcaTrail Says:

    Their intelligence are creative and serve some light on ride out in Calgary.

  7. WBShepherd Says:

    Thankfulness. I do not know why, I really do. Just this extraordinary need to show the world the crazy ride out Calgarians live year-round. I will doubtless stop after I have had a year …. LOL

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