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23 Responses to “Can You Really Buy Property With No Money Down?”

  1. Cosmiclady54 Says:

    Where can I get from the beginning of our video blog start? I always wanted to invest in real estate and now that I have been laid off, I have the time.

  2. Cosmiclady54 Says:

    I just started watch your videos and I love them. I have no date, nor do you see it?

  3. GuiaDInmuebles Says:

    Hey Joe, thanks for the great info. Also, I love the Band of Brothers! ha-ha

  4. Achaeosic Says:

    My income is low. My credit card is fucked. Student Loan failed. No savings. Did not pay for anything for a long time. I live in a travel trailor full time. Until a few weeks ago I was completely buy rebelious about the whole system and not willing to, property, only to be for “possession” of it taxed. You have already paid my income if I deserve it and they are taxing me when I die, so why bother? But I want to buy an income property and I need a loan to do it. Is there no salvation for me?

  5. Joe Crump Says:

    Yes. Yes, I have many people with my material. I have students in Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Malaysia and Costa Rica use this Techniken.Die most free nations transfer property on a system in the 14th Century England based on, so it’s easy to translate my techniques almost everywhere in the free world.

  6. Lhup Hoster Says:

    Has your technique apply to the Canadian market?

  7. HiREI808 Says:

    Therefore AWFUL? .. You know, it’s something to know the risk and it is your foot in the door. What is a better way to start .. trying to be flip a house? .. No! .. Answers and no help roadblocks people to be successful … Optimism, not pessimism … dream on, not watching your back .. Joseph does a great job

  8. deltadude61 Says:

    Joe, you’re so positive and to the point. Thank you, sir!

  9. MixedChoices Says:

    Another great and informative video Joe. I always appreciate the information you provide.

  10. RattleSap Says:

    hey I’ll also check your site, thanks for the information

  11. alanlikepools Says:

    Great info, I’m still know there is no money down are ahrd, but at least it can be done – give this a shot.

  12. lindaslillies Says:

    Yes. no money down. no money down. that’s really the only way I can afford now.

  13. ScaryHauntUs Says:

    I put ur points and 2 good use

  14. Lorenluvs2eat Says:

    I’ve seen some of your videos now and I am always impressed. View

  15. livingwithguilt Says:

    very nice video and very useful investment tips

  16. dodgenweave Says:

    Thanks for all the good work can help me with this important task

  17. claspingcarter Says:

    great job. They are very helpful in making decisions

  18. beastofplay Says:

    I like the info-series

  19. bigmomatalker Says:

    very impresseive knowledge base joe. two thumbs up

  20. rockwages Says:

    nice work, good info

  21. Extremality Says:

    very nice video

  22. JennaMaze Says:

    great job on the video

  23. hipposaraus Says:

    u r a star man. i will b with these tips

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