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21 Responses to “Canada Day Fireworks 2007 Ottawa, Ontario”

  1. itgfx Says:

    I love fireworks. Props …

  2. londondog1989 Says:

    Any country that has a foreign monarch as the official head of state is pathetic.Canada is the backbone, as bland.Imagine if they had the will and imagination America.You not only be a sad imitation of the USA and UK!

  3. Dustpiggy17 Says:

    Theres are a lot of countries who think they ballin, but if you see in Canada, we are friendly, we believe we have the best hockey players fuck the world. I fucking love Canada, and I am proud to be a Canadian and wear that maple leaf on my chest

  4. CanadaTJ86 Says:

    I bacame May Canadian and I am so proud to be a part of this country. I am a Canadian!

  5. bigmacdaddy31 Says:

    Even though I’m Canadian our fireworks are nothing compared to those in the U.S..

  6. GENERAL1002 Says:

    What is the biggest baddest fireworks I can get in Canada?

  7. 001mik100 Says:

    haha man, Parliament Hill, of course! its where everyone goes! it absolutely crazy

  8. murderm1 Says:

    disney LOOL man close

  9. linds10102 Says:

    they play this version of O Canada everyday at my school: P

  10. SilkeyLeaves Says:

    One might think that the first capital of Canada would have fantastic fireworks .. because it is the place where Canada was was a contry, but no. Kingston sucks for fireworks.

  11. DrewcyChem94 Says:

    where were you in Ottawa? I go to Victoria Day, a proposal was given for best place for fireworks?

  12. Slayer4579 Says:


  13. Jotessa Amanse Says:

    wow! I miss Canada a lot! I miss Ottawa! Canada Eh! I got it in 2006 .. Ottawa is the best place in Canada! I love Beavertails there .. 🙂 Great fireworks!

  14. ricardomaman Says:

    wow, it took 10 minutes, I did not know it took so long

  15. xxFlghterXxx Says:

    Fuck I really miss Canada. had to leave after the seventh grade. I lived in Ottawa. Amazing place. Canada is such a beautiful and peaceful country. Wish I can go back. I loved the fireworks. was there 🙂

  16. Bhakthi7 Says:

    ye ye CANADA! Representing all the way!

  17. beanfromex Says:

    Hello Canada, Happy Canada Day .. I’ll see you in September for the Breast Cancer walk in Toronto! Me … here in southern Mexico

  18. polkadotedfish Says:

    ew this is so g rated disney they hire to do the fire-works?

  19. RezDawg26 Says:

    I love Canada

  20. toodler1234 Says:

    Happy Canada DEH!

  21. 103431kc Says:

    They are from the usa cuz it sure sounds like it with all your mouthyness

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