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6 Responses to “Canada need Retinal Scan Fingerprint Scanning”

  1. D33Lux Says:

    As description has proven, we have the 3% or less of the populace will again be the loner hostile to this culprit. The rest of the WeltZu obtuse to know their heads from their asses and will smile and go zusammenmit all that their masters have to do it. In the U.S. it is tunVerkehr stops and you want to retinal scan. Hitler, Mao, Musolini … etcwäre proud of all these traitors. T.V. & Govn’t says this is going well soIdioten & line up like excellent cattle.

  2. AgainstThe Law Says:

    As promised, here the news tale I beobachtetScannen additional than what is de rigueur retina and fingerprint scanning before to you are able, from Canada to enter a list of 60 countries! WAKE UP We are income in a control state! Do MYWORTE MARK OF U.S. SOON the same!

  3. Shane Blanton Says:

    We by now have thumb scanner here.

  4. MTPatriot1787 Says:

    @ D33Lux SPOT ON. Sorry to say.

  5. Habeas Corpus Canada Says:

    CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge is a Bilderberger! This dignity help to give reasons for why we can not get any real news, and the air-headedMedien to be pleased-face we used in a control state.

  6. Jasona Rondeau Says:

    The video creator is not quite right … the first place I’ve seen fingerprint and retinal scans to the U.S. from abroad. SeinCanadian, I am not Attracted to the scan when I visit the U.S., but I binvöllig not startling that Canada will be implementing a scanning logic. There is additional prove that we need to keep up with their undGrundsätzlich Border Safeguard decisions under the thumb of the U.S. … Way to go canada … governments bonehead!

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