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25 Responses to “Canada’s National Anthem Accpella Style!”

  1. PunkRune1 Says:

    greetings from Azerbaijan! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. TheGodfatherSahil12 Says:

    @BigDaddyfication America: Canada’s head for them to lay on!

  3. mmysama Says:


    We only brought slaves so we could someday let them loose in YOUR country.

  4. BufflerChips Says:

    I know of a young (20 year old) Canadian soldier that saved the life of a US Marine Corps Sergeant in a wet, hot stinking jungle back in 1967. What that young Canadian lad did that night cemented Canadian & American friendship forever. I know this to be true because I am that former US Marine Sergeant.

    So, do you Canada bashers think Americans like Canadians? You bet they do. I owe my life to one.

  5. toonmag50 Says:

    @jeep1234567890 Been reading your posts all over -your a bit of a mong -your anti -British xenophobia will rot your sad soul.
    ps in 1780 some red-coat would definately be putting a ball in your banjo yankee boy

  6. 1988scottcarey Says:

    Canada(THE VILLAGE)

  7. LillyPadd44 Says:

    America’s a Silver country ;D but they aiight

  8. BigDaddyfication Says:

    CANADA: America’s hat!

  9. knightofgondor14 Says:

    how can i get this on my itunes??

  10. knightofgondor14 Says:

    how can i get this on my itunes??

  11. Khadleferone Says:

    oh ahmmm,, Haha Great!!!

  12. musicluver85 Says:

    @turbop3anut Aww, really? Well that explains why Canada is one of the top 10 for the Best Living Standards in the world. I thought America would make it but, aww, they’re 13th while we’re 4th.

  13. jeep1234567890 Says:

    The existence of the USA owes much to the existence of Canada! We would have had little quarter for those poor British soldiers if you would not have defended your borders.

    Same for Mexico! We are brethren from the North as much as the South! Let’s starts acting like it!

    What is America, short of soldiers or something?! Let’s drive those damn drug cartels into the ocean, Pres Calderon!!!

  14. jeep1234567890 Says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I might be American, but, by God, I have faith that our friends to the North don’t mess around!

    Someone wants a piece of America (let’s face it – our borders were created by the French and English!) I have all confidence in Canada! They gotta come through you!

    There is something of a North American alliance amongst us, and woe to the idiot invader who miscalculates that!

    And I, for my part, will stand ready to defend with arms my Canadian friends!

    God Bless Canada!!!

  15. CANADI3NN3 Says:

    ok , you are all crazy ! why are you commenting ( not sure if i can say that , i’m french sorry ) if it’s to say stupid shit all over ? LOL ! I’m Canadien ( from Quebec , long live french ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and i love the States to ๐Ÿ™‚ . Like , why are you still angry about things that happened way before your birth ? Canada’s like the USA’s big brother we don’t have to fight it’s just stupid ! Oh and , for those who are insulting Canada by using Justin Bieber , you’re all making me laugh .

    LOL & LOVE รยฒรขโ€žยขร’ย QC

  16. CANADI3NN3 Says:

    @trumanbennet123 sorry to get in your conversation but it’s kinda funny you’re talking about justin bieber ! LOL , isn’t he cute that little boy ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. MajBlood Says:

    @CODfans69 Dude the fuck are you talking about? Britain won the war of 1812. You obviously failed history class.

  18. CODfans69 Says:

    @MajBlood hahaha u just hate america because a bunch of farmers beat ur military which was supposed to be the strongest in the world not only did we beat your asses once but we did it twice in the war of 1812 british fag

  19. TheGodfatherSahil12 Says:

    @BigDaddyfication Americunt

  20. TheGodfatherSahil12 Says:

    @davbeel Path kun tekh kun’ ke’ maia!

  21. TheGodfatherSahil12 Says:

    @mmysama Don’t tell us that, u have SLAVES

  22. LesterDragon Says:


  23. MrKikiore10 Says:

    @MajBlood I AGREE MATE

  24. MrKikiore10 Says:

    I like Canada . Fuck your nearest neighbours America for dissing our health systems Go CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mmysama Says:



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