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15 Responses to “Canadian Aboriginals: In or Out?”

  1. SideburnsLiam Says:


  2. Tuupaat Says:

    Do not stuff words fell down my throat, but I do not believe in hate speech. Even assuming people to accept free money is ridiculous, especially since so many Catholics accepted free country in the past as well.

  3. Matty E Says:

    Nope, just free money

  4. Jex134 Says:

    1 By the definition of the term, you are mistaken. One could argue that local people are not thinking as fast as the outside of the reserves, or as fast as you, they should be developed, but by definition, they have pursued since the 1800s. Your assertion is trĂ¼gerisch.2. “Good to see, to understand, part of the English language”? I would laugh if it was not so sad … 3 Did not anyone tell you not to start a sentence with “and”? 4 “His word”? 5 “Cause to lose”? Is cause my knots?

  5. Jay Thomas Says:

    I do not know even know what that is, but it’s clear that you do not believe in freedom of speech.

  6. Tuupaat Says:

    Roseanne Barr a post about the racist Tittler real here and let us accept the fact that she is a raging racist.

  7. Tuupaat Says:

    If you criticize people on their skin color is racism.

  8. jethro035181 Says:

    a negative comment or criticism period of one native, is now racism or hate speech … there is nothing wrong with ending racial rights

  9. cafard379 Says:

    if I’m not, then is the Indian less … Education does not necessarily lead to endless tolerance … I think the Indian as potentially equal in responsibility, like everyone else … nowhere am I obliged to tolerate endless scrounging and puerile social welfare problems (not idle) … the Indians is as responsible for his own well-being as I am for my … you’re the racist or reverse racist excuse for their behavior

  10. Tuupaat Says:

    Please login to this position by the race hate website called END LAW race, the hatred of Aboriginal and First Nations in Canada and stirreth have anywhere for that matter. This group should not be allowed out of Facebook I am this “civilized” times. The petition can be found on the FB group ‘END LAWS race is a group that incites hatred”, it would appreciate if anti-racism advocates could please sign be, thank you.

  11. BeWytched Says:

    Michele has referred to an entire race of the first people in Canada as a “gang rapists”. As a survivor of rape, I find that highly offensive. Take a serious concept such as rape, if you tear down a race in this country shows your moral character. On my own blog, I include the link and a copy of my own e-mail to the BCHRT and am encouraged other First Nations and non-First Nations and send a complaint.

  12. BeWytched Says:

    Michele why you get your name in the Google search with the Aryan Nation? Also, are you aware of what the word “rape”? They do not seem to, because all rape survivors and victims of offending by throwing them from the direction of a race in Canada. With hatred of a race is called racism. Notice how you always speak to a First Nations person to know without them? Well, except for the one or two token natives say you call friends. Racist? Yes you are.

  13. BeWytched Says:

    Hey Michele. Want to know more about them? Check my channel and there is a blog page with comments set their screen capped. No slander or libel when they are your words Michele. Reported to the BC Court of Human Rights, as you have inspired hatred of a race at all, and this is the first nations or natives of Canada. Remember, you are a victim because you make yourself. She attacked me and I will stand up to fanatics and racists like you.

  14. Junokaii Says:

    And notice how Pam to “their people” and “Canadians” as two completely different entities related, as if we “Canadians” (originally Algongquin note the word “Kanata” meaning “home or village” .. irony) so condescending as if “Canadians” are a lesser people, a series of racist fascists (which in itself could not possibly make sense as Canadians dozens of races / cultures) who want to have become extinct only to nationals. Sounds like shes wants to make Extinct “Canadians”

  15. Junokaii Says:

    I agree with most of Clint. Hes the one who says himself governence and trust is required. Self accountability yes perfektionieren.Inzwischen Pam is obviously racist bitch, she is in this video sticking to the typical blame game most “natives” typically do: accusations and unreasonable demands in the sense that “Indians” are the “true Govenors” of this and a “non-natives” are just parasites. in the way of what they want

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