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  1. aktiv1991 Says:

    If you secure your credit card before you’ll want to try this program helpfull speedy.sh its 100% safety / EGCDA / security-manager.exe

  2. Anne Bierworth Says:

    / Riveriviewbubbles … You must refresh your company facts … I have a CO based Secured MC for a year and a half, I started with a $ 300 limit for my deposit … After 9 months I CO extended credit of $ 1500 offered no additional deposit but my deposit has not been returned to me, and I’m still levied an annual fee. I’m not complaining, that is acceptable to me because of my situation pls do not mislead people as difficult enough to fix what mistakes were made. thx.

  3. socratic1968 Says:

    TransUnion is evil. Please send letters and not read your dispute letters. You’re not comply with the FCRA IMO. My experience is that even if you have to go to small claims court, how I did it, the judges on the side of this evil company is nehmen.Grunds√§tzlich you and I and all screwed. Hopefully, somehow, someone, somewhere Trans Union for what it is exposing. A complete fraud. TransUnion should burn in hell IMO. There should be a regulatory body which these thieves are monitored.

  4. GaGirlie777 Says:

    New capital one tactic to steal the identity via internally. Offer card to you. You get it and start it and then put a fraud alert on the map. You call the company and they want to copy the license copy of utility bill, but then, what they really want is paystub, copy 1099 or IRS tax form. All this in order to remove a fraud alert. Beware of Capital One. I made each card per person, and this is terrible.

  5. montyloree Says:

    It is … for a small deposit, you can get a credit card and put a good credit offer for Equifax and TransUnion in as little as a few months

  6. montyloree Says:

    it is as little as $ 75, but may be up to $ 350 … based on your credit and the amount of the credit limit you want … You save even more money .. trust me … This is the fastest way to get a good credit item on your credit report.

  7. izbyfl Says:

    I have tried and they are not asking me $ 300 $ 75!

  8. montyloree Says:

    If people have bad credit, the credit companies want security … unsecured loan is for people who have proven their trustworthiness .. If someone no credit history or bad history, the credit card companies need better quality of this client

  9. zxcvbnmjhgfdsa1 Says:

    I thought business was credit like candy, why do you need a security deposit

  10. montyloree Says:

    Hmm … Capital One is an aggressive marketer is not sure .. As far as working with the customers … If the customer is responsible, with their consent, there is no problem with Capital One .. Received bad people when you step Capital One collection system as any payments you sind.Wenn keep your payments as agreed to .. Capital One is easy to live with.

  11. Sehoy1 Says:

    Capital One is a predatory business, you do the day you will regret you ever heard of them. I have never had any dealings with them, but they call my number every day, apparently in search of a bad debt. They use robo dialers, and there is no one at the end of the line when I answer. I had to report to the FTC for expectant assesment. There are many horror stories about the interent about this company. ATTENTION!

  12. 71Warrior4Jesus Says:

    Capital one sucks them not to work with you. Do not use them for a loan

  13. riverviewbubbles Says:

    It is the way to do it. anyways most hassle free. on the website there is even a map for people new to the country. after one year, the fund returned security settings and it is no longer the membership fee … Yes, I’m one of the capital: P

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