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15 Responses to “Chemtrails Edmonton Alberta Canada 2007”

  1. kooners3120 Says:

    @ MrSteve20201 contrails dissaper kid

  2. MrSteve20201 Says:

    I learned in grade 5 that these contrails are triggered from the exhaust of aircraft engines. Find out …. and your friends lol.Wikipedia contrails.

  3. gossipdestroys Says:

    Did you know that aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrate in all anti-persperants. Aspartame (phenylalanine) is in a lot of sodas, gum and other sweets. These two chemicals combine and coat the neurons in the brain with aluminum and create Alzheimers. There is a connection with all these aluminum syringes and toxic phenylalanine “they” are put in our food.

  4. vaughanweather Says:

    @ Dvmcgovern if you said area 51 aliens had I would be skeptical, but there is no doubt it is a high level test equipment for military aircraft. There is remote video evidence shows activity at the base, it is claimed a secured zone and the U.S. gov’t, it does not exist. Chemtrails have no evidence of the existence in contrast AnyForm area 51, for example.

  5. vaughanweather Says:

    @ I Dvmcgovern not to believe in chemtrails for three simple reasons. within the chemtrail community, there is no clear answer as to why chemtrails are created, some claim claim weather control to create other diseases. Second, do not have physical proof, chemical resistance, or otherwise presented, and finally, there are no deletes means by which such a project would be financed.

  6. dvmcgovern Says:

    Do you think that Vaughan now?

  7. jhighly Says:

    Hello Watch and genie├čenyoutube.com / user / blatentTRUTH

  8. NotAsItSeemsToBe Says:

    it is made of aluminum and barium

  9. DianeDi Says:

    Please take a look at the video response I sent you. The document link is in the video description, titled “The Regulation of Geoengineering, UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.”

  10. snarf66 Says:

    Woo! Conspiracy nuts.

  11. sowavy08 Says:

    in Edmonton to, ive seen a lot we need to do something or I will

  12. spring1818 Says:

    By Its Me Geoffo, If memory serves, the gray cloud was refer you to this day due to a “plow wind” storm that whipped through Edmonton with tornado like winds. If you manipulate the weather as perhaps there is a connection. Who knows?

  13. spring1818 Says:

    The paths of regular aircraft disipates very fast, but chem ways linger for hours and turn into waves that expand into web-like clouds to finally to the sky. Sometimes you may observe, ribbons, much like a gas leak or exhaust from a vehicle would look like. Maybe that’s the chemicals in the atmosphere. It would be interesting to see whether the 12th September is a repetition of insanity. Keep your eyes on the sky!

  14. spring1818 Says:

    ChrisEdmSkiBum — nice to see carefully! The 12th August was another important campaign. I keep a diary and videos since I first heard about chemical pathways. Many people told me what I had expected a conspiracy theory based on paranoia, and I wanted it more than me refute any thing.I am not sure there is a plan to depopulate the world, but it can do very well have. with weather modification

  15. ChrisEdmSkiBum Says:

    Wed 12 August … Chem Trails north of downtown. I watched as the jet at the end of its track and then continue with a normal migration. Within 2 hours, turbidity and the spread of the gray-white spread typical envelop the sky is ….

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