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18 Responses to “Chile Students in Kamloops Canada”

  1. jamaicasky Says:

    – Sorry you werent able to see them. They are such nice broadcast,

  2. Gotalighter Says:

    I had went to my broadcast and see the Mapuche native broadcast of the contrary hemisphere, visit our broadcast at this time. Te we7tchen Me7 Cellmucw (see again one day my brothers and sisters)

  3. marimanque Says:

    Oh really, what part of the area you are? Cheu atueimi langnen?

  4. jamaicasky Says:

    yes, some are Shuswap natives. The Mapuche of Chile came to visit them on a cultural chat.

  5. monkeysee1972 Says:

    I’m a mapuche, and I live in BC .. I did not know that some of my broadcast visited hatte.es would be nice to make supporter for your next visit

  6. jessymode Says:

    these broadcast are Shuswap natives

  7. Felipe Palleros Says:

    Nice video .. I like the thought of ​​the Chilean broadcast caught up in this fantastic world.

  8. MasterPervy123 Says:

    Yo cago en la bandera de chile, Muerte y Mierda a chile.Viva el Peru Carajo.

  9. jamaicasky Says:

    and I know I made some spelling errors on this one!

  10. Uiriati Says:

    They must have place a Native song, but I like it.

  11. Uiriati Says:

    They must have sent a Native Songs: (I like it when

  12. MariachiPunoy Says:


  13. chrisboy2008 Says:


  14. chrisboy2008 Says:

    what the actor and title? the first song = D

  15. chrisboy2008 Says:

    Hey in Chile 17 years ancient and I like land of your birth in the north and south and I like pow wow music = D its nice to hear ^. ^ I want to have supporter with broadcast and cheeroke Mapuche! Bye all thankfulness

  16. jamaicasky Says:

    You are salutation!

  17. jbaravel Says:

    Chaltumay (gracias or thankfulness) from Chile

  18. vanitagdl Says:

    hermosoooooo que viva chile

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