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11 Responses to “Disclosure Venus image reveals Alien Presence”

  1. worldwiderelease Says:

    WHAT THE ET visitors want & Hide From USdie info we lack & know müssenALLIESOFHUMANITY ORG

  2. VEEKEN jimmyjimmjamms Says:

    all the more reason for us to do more on the subject, and have pity on the poor masses under satanic hypnosis.

  3. MsAmericanbunker Says:

    John Lear is DA MAN! lol

  4. ChemtrailsAVCA Says:

    John Lear is a wealth of knowledge. I like the part about how a parachute survived a descent into 800-degree air. Thanks

  5. pyramidkristan Says:

    Very clever, “possible” to all MSAB 🙂 Then and concentrated now! K

  6. MsAmericanbunker Says:

    VIDEO BELOW **** Description … Our first efforts were to keep the public from learning about Venus. A very similar planet Earth and its population is very similar, only technologically .. We have Venus look like a lead melting, volcanic surface, spewing sulfuric acid into a pressurized atmosphere 90 times that of Earth. And so often the case, we have managed to take over and we wondered why nobody asked how a parachute survived a descent into 800-degree air. ‘John Lear

  7. Neil Armstrong Says:

    Which is why we have global warming or terraforming.

  8. Joseph Roehl Says:

    I agree there is activity on Venus, and even if it is very hot, there are activities in the sun as well, so whatsoever kind they are, they sure love the heat. Bringing many thanks to you for your efforts woman AB to disclose to the planet Earth and all the sheeple.

  9. jim smith Says:

    Only the narrow minded thinking we are alone.

  10. liemee watcher Says:

    Very interesting ….. again! Thanks for the info! Hope all is well 🙂 DankLiemeewatcher

  11. Nyana11 Says:

    Thanks dude

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