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10 Responses to “Do you work for your TN Visa in Canada?”

  1. chr1so Says:

    TN visas may be eligible for North American professionals as Canadians or Mexicans in the U.S. to work as a skilled worker, I get to work there one years thanks to this visa, cool!

  2. montrealfanforever Says:

    Rivit5 Hello, I just got a lot of his shows since he aired on “cry for help” You have to understand that the statement that he was not made at the end of the video a serious statement he made. I think that many other Canadians would take the “Tim Hortons” comment as humorous. Do not worry, it’s Chris! so sometimes you have to take what he says lightly!

  3. John Klassen Says:

    borderlined in my opinion, the end of the video between semi-racist views towards Canada and ignorance. I watch and love the show, and have for a while now, but I felt insulted, what was said and wanted to add my 2 cents.

  4. John Klassen Says:

    One question I have is, do you think that little of Canada and our work ethic that you stoop low enough to disrespect compairing professional business or trades prople us for a TM Apply for visa with you coming to Canada to try and teach us how to have to make a better coffee?

  5. John Klassen Says:

    As a Canadian observer, I felt pretty by the last part of this video offended. I was under the assumption that to apply for a TN visa for a professional person in a particular area to work in another country. If so how can you compare this commng to Canada (just an average coffee shop) to work at Tim Hortons.

  6. freshwick Says:

    Peat coffee? wtf is that …

  7. staticxmako Says:

    wow ooo cris had goten soo gay since he moved mac he talks piontless shit like he DE = OESNT ALSO ABOUT MACS speak, as he did when he had pc moved he talked all the time about xp vista PCs in general, and good things, but now we get> window tint on homes? do u work in tn visa in Canada? u can like an Egyptian All PIONTLES eat SHIT! wow wow sooo i wont know how like an Egyptian ZIP CRIS SWITCH BACK ZIP eat then I will respect you!

  8. TheWhiteNationalist Says:

    Chris, how can you not like Tim Hortons coffee? You’re taste buds you need to be Ctrl + Alt + gelöscht.Tim Hortons is liquid gold of the gods! * Sips double-double *

  9. Chris Guindon Says:

    hes not gonna buy a laptop just for you to enjoy the review Tue ….

  10. Chris Guindon Says:

    I would be addicted to coffee, just always there, and talk about tech

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