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18 Responses to “gangstalking in vancouver BC Canada”

  1. StephenAndrew777 Says:

    I don’t really get it, Integro… Are you like, making fun of people who suffer from schizophrenia? How awesome! [sarcasm] Whatever makes you feel, “better,” I guess.

  2. isbent Says:

    I hate to say it, but these just look like normal random people you happen to be taking pictures of (likely making them look and feel paranoid, thus they may act a little strange around you). Vancouver is still a relatively small community, so you’re likely to see the same people over and over again, especially if your seeing them in the same places. Could you be noticing them going through there mundane routine? For the most part I’ve always found everyone there very warm and accepting.

  3. tessilee Says:

    THIS right here is what SCARES me. These fukn crazies are all around us, and even though we’re going about our business, they think you are going to kill THEM. This OGS may in fact be going on, but this “idea” is giving random nut-jobs all over the world the crazy notion that their schizophrenic ideas are real. LOOONEY TOONEY

  4. quatroportte Says:

    are you insane?????????????

  5. shnaytrayzthaserva Says:

    u need help buddy scizo

  6. audaar Says:

    You just won’t believe who these stalkers work for….

    This is big…….

  7. JonB83 Says:

    This is a joke right?


  8. JonB83 Says:


  9. src438 Says:

    This organizations using manipulations and control on the people that they think they needed with out the knowledge of the victim they doing experiments and tests on individual that they choose to harass either as studying or experimenting either way it’s very very wrong-They assume that this help or stalk the individual – but so much damage has been done to that individual-I know it bec, I figure out that there is some weird vibe and feeling where I’m sleeping (you can’t hear or see it).

  10. src438 Says:

    When the Russians jews arrive to America they brought all the life style of the “Soviet-Union”! – They souranding me, stalking me- They harassing me- They are crazy – If some one don’t act and behave as they want -then they gave the person the hell!
    I park-they are there-I check the mail-they are there, I take a walk-they are there!
    what a night-mare-hate-them! -The big-brothers-are abbnachshes-ashkenazie-jews-originally- NOUDNIKIMM !!!!!!

  11. tvsux1 Says:

    Yaeh, everyone was following me too, then I switched to decaf and they all went away…lol

  12. GL0bALc0N Says:

    We are watching YOU. We know what YOU are up to.

  13. cdffirefighter Says:

    This guy needs to watch who takes pic’s of thats a good way to get killed,if i ever found out some schizo took a pics of my wife and kids in my truck that person crazy or not would very painfully loose the ability to ever eat soild food again, and be wheelchair bound for life and have to learn their abc’s again, now if it was me by myself theyd loose their camera for good and need new teeth

  14. cdffirefighter Says:

    ok i have to say this, i have to deal with mentally ill people like this guy almost everyday it’s annoying and frustrating and some times dangerous. Now this guy would freak out in a shit fit if i had to help him iam a ff/paramedic, i would at least have 2 large medical bags with me and either have my sun or saftey glasses on not to mention the other people on my crew would have the same equipment it could endup being hilarious.

  15. MrJoshuaCopeland Says:

    and if perps threaten u with commitment if u fight, keep fighting. commitment is no big deal, yur in, yur out, and it causes yur perps a hell of a lot more trouble than u. u can spot disinfo agents when the person warns u of commitment if u fight back. also, u can follow them the same way they follow u, via car. lots of ways to fight…

  16. MrJoshuaCopeland Says:

    Move to an isolated area, that will help, tho disinfo will say it doesn’t, or better yet, join a militia or guns/states rights groups, that’s cut down a lot on the harassment…

  17. GroundZeroHiroshima Says:


    無意識に 「輪廻などあるわけない」という

    280 :鬼和尚 ◆GBl7rog7bM :2009/12/04(金)
    >277 後悔するじゃろう。  嘘をついた分だけ悔やむものじゃ。

    BLOG:The Death of Gangstalkers より

  18. 3510211 Says:

    Wow. Schizophrenic much

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