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12 Responses to “Honey Badger and his Hated Homeboy; & Bomani Jones, Episode 59”

  1. ericdude9892 Says:

    @ BigBlueManiacNYBro, you’ve seen the UT QBs? None of them are very good. Have you seen the UT defense? Not. Very. Gut.Als proud horn fan until we have a good QB. We will not win a damn thing.

  2. WhereEaglesDare117 Says:

    NAH NAH NAH WE AW is not to DO this cracks me up every time.

  3. BigBlueManiacNY Says:

    “Would you feel better if he was here smokin headache?” LMFAO!

  4. Johnathon Poppe Says:

    Hell yeah man! Prepared the Beavs her second reality check of the season.

  5. Bobby Robson Says:

    yes sir! Go Devils!

  6. david mason Says:

    You make me Bomani, but you need to stop hatin ‘on Kobe! Other then that I really dig your style. I am surprised that you are not weighed in the Harden trade … If you’re not from Houston?

  7. hanzmalloy Says:

    Might be my favorite yet. Everybody has a guy like Jefferson in their crew …. damn it for everyone. Lol

  8. Anthony Smith Says:

    How much help a child need smoking weed … Weight Gain … Philosophical Discoveries … He can see much clearer … to them … this first weed head sucking dick behind a McDonalds for a hit from a hotel Blunt I will not be concerned about weed

  9. Johnathon Poppe Says:

    This is pretty funny

  10. tstewey Says:

    someone needs to be fired

  11. Bobby Robson Says:

    Turn on the labels and try to follow

  12. tremaine louie Says:

    As a Texas fan that Chris Simms line killed me.

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