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8 Responses to “How to apply for a study permit in Canada”

  1. MegiLika Says:

    can you help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee????????

  2. bondravi2000 Says:

    Hi Divya. How can we supporter you?

  3. arashcom Says:

    study fee compared to other countries are low!!!!!! (is that what she said??!!)

  4. b2sadapind Says:

    hi mam i req.tourist visa media PORPASE PLS HELP

  5. renji96582906 Says:

    may i have your email take up.

  6. MyHealingSoul Says:

    Canada will be indicted for murdering first family tree in the Indian housing schools. Do a google quest on “Obscure from Description” or “Canada’s obscure holocaust”. Know your broadcast before to mission physically a proud Canadian. I call my self an Indian since I am proud to be an Indian!

  7. CanadianImmigration1 Says:

    Fantastic video on how to study in Canada. We also made a additional free store that gives insight on how get a study card in 10 simple steps. Our video is on our supervise over.

  8. Tejasvi Krishna Says:

    Thank you, that was caring 🙂

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