Immigration to Canada

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6 Responses to “Immigration to Canada”

  1. sweetnav04 Says:

    Why are there so many white fucken haters: S honestly as you relax your balls man

  2. jistintime1979 Says:

    There are too many Pakis and Indians by now here. They smell, you are shifty drivers, since you were so terrible at it, and you do not adopt our polish. We do not want you here.

  3. ApNePuNjAbIdOsT Says:

    Colonization or Immegration? Lol

  4. christsforgiveness Says:

    Are you still accused me of lying? Delight tell me the lie? Bro, I just see your offensiveness and you call me a courier of Satan, if offensiveness is only one of its kind in your dishes? Secondly, delight show the despise? and thirdly, what does devout conversation have to do with this video up? You have to swear not to (to get your points still call broadcast sad f *****. Pleased

  5. christsforgiveness Says:

    Why so much swearing SAH?

  6. ASMProductionsTV Says:

    Stfu u white piece of shit ^

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