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3 Responses to “Immigration to Canada “Immigration and You” 1”

  1. 98765432123456789000 Says:

    That same logic goes for pritty much all in this world, nameless wants to hear the truth, sure we all say we like honesty, yet we commonly only want to hear what we want to hear. On the otherside, Very informative and throughly made video, Cheers!

  2. killaboomer Says:

    yo im from england im a british inhabitant how the fuck do i gets in canada ay ?

  3. iCanadaDirect Says:

    Thank you for the in rank reuven, I agree with what you say in opinion. Here at iCanada Supervise over Colonization Air force Inc., we are everlastingly straight to our clients. The conundrum is that most broadcast do not want to hear the truth and would very go to a bigwig who is lying to them and huge there heads with fake promises. I infer that is food for plotting. When you are looking for an reliable Colonization Consultant as a substitution for of a bigwig who is only after your money.

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