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19 Responses to “Indian Residential Schools in Canada the painful legacy”

  1. 4annadossantos Says:

    Just to see the sadness in those children’s eyes breaks my heart! Oh, I am so so sorry for this shame that we have allowed in our country! As a Canadian I want to ask you forgiveness for this terrible sin committed against you all.

  2. Mudhooks Says:

    if he was a resident for even one day, he would be eligible. I don’t know if the deadline for application has passed, though. If he was a day student or a student who was living in a home placement, or at a non-eligible school, he isn’t eligible. But if he was actually a resident who was admitted to a school covered by the settlement, he would be eligible. Who told him he wasn’t eligible?

  3. PunkPrincess13itch Says:

    Thankfully my dad ran away , saved his money &ran to the nearest busstation(miles away) &tooka bus to winnipeg where he raised me, he attended there nomore then 6 months &is not eligible for the residential school survivor money, that is okay though because no amount of money will replace our lost culture, his brothers and sisters attended there longer and they are now mentally corrupt and re-fuse to teach their language asif they never knew it ,we will neverhave justice in a white man world :'(

  4. musicbystarlee Says:

    they removed all and any children from their homes………..

  5. ownzz33 Says:

    there was one guy who went to this place when he was 4 years old a child..

  6. MsRedqueen Says:

    My mother went to one of those schools. Speaking of the legacy. We have to talk about the suicide rates of natives since then and now. I know that the Canadian government is only counting natives that live on reservations. Not natives who are mixed, or Metis, or have married non natives or no longer live on reservations. Life expectancy is a diffecult thing to judge. How many really didn’t make it home, or were broken beings when they did? How are thier children, now? I’m not ok.

  7. WarriorOfTheOldWays1 Says:

    Before contact there was no smallpox, syphillis and many other illnesses.Also there were no carcinogens being produced from mining and manufacturing.

  8. MusicLuver78901 Says:

    wow that bishop is such an idiot, many children died in those schools and unspeakable crimes happened in these hellholes!!! Really, as a Canadian, I am ashamed to say that these crimes happened in my country. I would like to apologize to all the aboriginals who have suffered in those schools and I would like to thank all the aboriginals such as Louis Riel who fought for the rights of people. And there were A LOT of bad things that happened in those wretched schools.

  9. SerenityBunni Says:

    My grandmother said her expierience there was great. my dad’s was torture 🙁

  10. Mudhooks Says:


  11. TheBrradsullivan Says:

    …well we know native life expectancy jumped from 40 to 65 in a generation but when you take into accound the millions who lost their lives via war, disease and whom are still dying early due to substance abuse and violence it does make the whole issue a matter of perspective. plus you have to ask yourself are the comforts of modern material wealth really worth ones identity? i dont think so, id rather live with purpose and die young then wallow on the fringes of a welfare state

  12. Mudhooks Says:

    Mortality rates are higher and life-expectancy lower in Aboriginal populations than other populations across the US and Canada.

  13. Mudhooks Says:

    It would depend on where and when. Certainly, life was tough for most aboriginal peoples before and after contact and hasn’t necessarily improved. Deaths from Smallpox, Measles, and Syphilis are estimated in the millions spreading out from Pizzaro’s first explorations of what would eventually become the USA, some of these people never having SEEN a White person. But then, my husband’s grandmother lived to 106 and her sister to 104. It’s all relative.

  14. Mudhooks Says:

    That bishop was recently convicted of possession of child pornography, himself.

  15. TheBrradsullivan Says:

    id like to know what the life expectancy was of these people before and after european arrival

  16. dramaqueen465 Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add how they terribly mistreated orphans (terrible conditions in orphanages).

  17. dramaqueen465 Says:

    I just thought about something. In the 1800s and early 1900s European were doing bad things to their own children back home in Europe. Child labour, children working in factories, being starved and beaten. If they could barely empathize with their poor now wonder they could not empathize with another race of people. Its very sad really.

  18. crackparty Says:

    And most of the people of canada still bitch about our aboriginals, call them drunks, don’t hire them because they think they’re drug addicts, and call them down any chance they get. They also believe all they do is leech money off the government. The physical carnage of the aboriginal people might be a thing of the past, but there is still a mass amount of hatred and racism going on towards them. It’s sad really.

  19. Blaksparkle1 Says:

    my grandma also told me a lot of horrible stories of her times in there.. of how “priests” would get the other lil boys to go and rape their female students.. either that, or boy on boy, female on femalel.. you name it… anything you could possibly think of took place.

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