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16 Responses to “John Mellencamp – “A Ride Back Home” LIVE in Canada”

  1. Claralaful Says:

    John, Be with Jesus from the bottom of your heart, it will really make you free.

  2. timothytwin61 Says:

    John Amen. Excellent ancient fashioned … Honesty. Your pen sweating.

  3. 612franklin Says:

    Yer time neither come nor gone, you were the leftern Prohet back in those days, and still you are

  4. 612franklin Says:

    Talk to the elder bro. Take your time. Talk to the elders. Faith.

  5. 612franklin Says:

    Be austere. I saw it, boss.

  6. 612franklin Says:

    Brought sweet and to the point

  7. 612franklin Says:

    Mind Our Own Bidness. Mellencamp chat

  8. cwg47 Says:

    thank you mr Mellencamp have it done right … this song wtih iam, to the point where all I have to say is, I can get a ride back home

  9. bettyboop278 Says:

    John, you’re awe-inspiring! I’m a fan for over 30 years! Keep on rockin! With a bit of luck one day, before to I leave this world I will be able to see you in concert!

  10. headpump Says:

    This is a deepest song sad tired Verzweiflung.Hören / get his note at the end ..

  11. marcie99 Says:

    heard for the first time today on CMT tv … and fell in like with it at once soooooooo!

  12. bobbyray19 Says:

    fantastic song!

  13. matsuhiro1 Says:

    John, you rock! I bought your new album and I like it. 5/5!

  14. klj421 Says:

    Excellent in rank. “Judge not, that ye be not judged!” Huge words all the way owing to.

  15. hoppywild Says:

    John Mellencamp you gave me hope.

  16. xxjdotbxx Says:

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