Montreal in 2 minutes

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8 Responses to “Montreal in 2 minutes”

  1. mikewilson1006 Says:

    I want to move to Montreal now. Of PA.

  2. marycatfish Says:

    Thank you for these postings. I was very emotional at the moment the video starts. I am French Canadien and living in California since 1966. I did that a few times and have a few family members still there. I hope to go again soon. Many blessings.

  3. livardo Says:

    @ DeVoldt: here you are, why they want to show the crappy part in a tourism video?

  4. millerbrandonc Says:

    j’adore montreal! je suis dans le processus d’immigrer au quebec (montreal specifiquement) et j’ai un laisse one dans le processus. je suis tres excite et ne peux pas attendre!

  5. aspet Says:

    10 people from Toronto do not like this video.

  6. omgrobbiee Says:

    Montréal est comme une ville European, mais dans North America.

  7. KuveyA Says:

    Since I never liked Canada found that Canadian Bacon or not from Canada.

  8. jdg30 Says:

    Ahhaha definitely not the best city in the world, so unoriginal, they were trying to copy off to many other cities, real nice, just not very original, much better cities in North America

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