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8 Responses to “Montreal Most Fabulous Drag Queens”

  1. abeautifulbird Says:

    God, I just looooooove the drags!

  2. xgaygreg Says:

    Thank you Jesus for my wife I used to be addicted to people, but more than 6 years ago, Jesus set me free! (YouTube video) Now I’m an ex perverse, ex gay, is ex gay users, ex porn watcher, ex-smokers, former drinkers, ex cusser, former Satanist, ex liar, ex-manipulator, ex-hater nothing good and moral, Users of other ex, ex egocentric person, ex angry person, living a lie ex person, ex idolaters, ex Godless person, ex creator of my own god, ex hell bound person!

  3. Marlene Ful Says:

    Mado is really special and a great part of our city.

  4. 06david06 Says:

    I loved this video in from Glasgow Uk and in base as a drag queen and his has so hard and it just made me smile and reminded me of why I hope I do thank you very much, I can come up sometime x

  5. bewitchngu Says:

    My friend Amber is performing in a competition with the one and only FREAKING SHARON NEEDLES! Please go to Club 313 (Manchester NH) Facebook page and like amber Alyrt is the photo! Please help out a sister NH!

  6. contrabassoon Says:

    @ Xgaygreg If you are not gay anymore, why do not you see some Girth Brooks videos instead of trolling on fabulous drag queen videos?

  7. xgaygreg Says:

    I used to be gay, but about 6 years free me Jesus! (You tube video) I also married to a beautiful woman for almost 19 months, and she is pregnant with our first child. God can do anything! I am no longer a slave to the sin of homosexuality. I have the choice to be gay for 11 years, but now I choose life – JESUS ​​CHRIST!

  8. hyperchick8802 Says:

    Montreal is truly a well-kept secret. You have to see it to believe it. J’adore ce clip!

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