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7 Responses to “Oeun Sreymom Live in Canada 2010”

  1. mzthang86 Says:

    when is she going to come to san jose,ca ?

  2. sreynith1 Says:

    love that song

  3. sreycreeam Says:

    I remember someone tellin me that she’s dark but when i saw her in person she’s light. It went that bad well i don think she needs it anymore she looks fine now.

  4. sreycreeam Says:

    I notice her nose thats about it. Stars around the world have done surgeries, some look good n others didn turn out so well. ex. Heidi M so ugly she was fine to start off wit.

  5. SweetKhmerGirlCa Says:

    that girl thaat singing wih her is her real sister

  6. sreycreeam Says:

    she’s still here n is performing again in toronto in october. i can’t wait either. enjoy the show sreymom a great entertainer n very funny.

  7. Naren789 Says:

    lots of people in calgary said. she going to be here in calgary in setempber . i can’t wait to see her

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