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16 Responses to “Organic living Grass house off the Grid Canada 2008”

  1. crystalheartstar Says:

    This is fantastic – I’ve been looking for more filling thoughts for doing this sort of thing in our Canadian climate. A lot of these “build your own” uncommon home videos are in seats where they don’t have to deal with snow´╗┐ and -40 windchill ­čśë

  2. pete3great Says:

    One thing I don’t get about broadcast going absolutely “off the grid” is this: if you´╗┐ want to help, don’t you reckon promotion your extra scenery provided power back to the helpfulness companionship helps with that?

  3. carolLDickinson Says:

    Above and additional than urgent circumstances kits,´╗┐ food, water and shelter… there is a need for gas free portable solar panels (and sun ovens) for energy to run Frig, Lamps etc.´╗┐ See… Off The Grid Survival Harvest . com

  4. a18gregjockca Says:

    sounds kinda lame and ineffective compelling into account that´╗┐ the state despises seniors and poor broadcast and all and wants them to die. so you’re in the end like a pathetic bandaid for a breakdown logic. sad. what a waste. get a life, okay?

  5. mikebmix Says:

    no but there is a curriculum called ‘a brush for kindness’ where they have a crew that goes plotting poor areas and knock on ancient poeples door and questioned if they can presser wask and paint there house for free,in one day cause there is like 20´╗┐ volenters that do it just to help poeple,you know you must go and try it some time it might make you a best self,even if you are sweet dumb not shure if you can keep up with them,on the count that your bone idle,dumbass

  6. mikebmix Says:

    like i said i work for a best world while you hide behined your pc and tell all how much of a terrible ass you are,yet your viewing a vid on off grid liveing while you suck up as much power you can,your one of the ones we will purge from our world one day,since you will not ever chat into a excellent self,you will everlastingly be a smart ass,remeber if you meet more then one asshole in a day[and i know you do]you might want to look at your self´╗┐ dumbass

  7. a18gregjockca Says:

    can you learn´╗┐ punctuation, mr scholar? you kinda suck.

  8. a18gregjockca Says:

    you could say no matter what thing on the internet. yack yack yack. no matter what. your conceited doesn’t impress us, idiot. anyways that’s appealing. so´╗┐ do you make ancient broadcast and family tree work? that kinda sucks. sounds like sick slavery.

  9. mikebmix Says:

    there is no charity,you pay for your house,and get it o% loan,just for construction ´╗┐ your house,ive built many homes thats real ,tell me what you have done

  10. mikebmix Says:

    wow man you are a dumd ass,a real dumd ass,i just plotting you where´╗┐ just a modest dumb but now i know you are a real dumd ass,you must check shit out before to you say dumb shit,surroundings for humanaty has built many homes in many countys,a touch 300 homes last year alone, in fl.and the elite few are the ones keen to work for what they have and you got everthing handed to you so,go home and tell mommy im not before a live audience nice……………………………………dumbass

  11. a18gregjockca Says:

    it’s amusing how surroundings for humanity kinda sucks at as long as all´╗┐ with homes. it’s like… one home here and one home there. but frequently it doesn’t depression anyone’s lives apart from for an elite few. charity is for fake whores who want grant money. you suck charity whores. stop being fake and do a touch for real.

  12. a18gregjockca Says:

    hahaha. just do no matter what you hippies do. hug a tree or a touch. if you’re pleased, you shouldn’t be apprehensive about the suv-ers… but you are cuz´╗┐ you know that you’re a not anything and your limb of the clergy was right about you. rofl

  13. mikebmix Says:

    surroundings for humanaty is construction grenn homes sweet cheap,in fl,all owing to the last 2 mouths there power bills are about 30 dollers,a mounth,if you are going to build everyplace in a huge city,where you have construction codes you must check out there homes and how they´╗┐ build them,there are nice cheap to build and will last a long time,

  14. mikebmix Says:

    go and get in your huge suv and wast some more gas why dont you,all of you need to stop your bitchen and get off the carbon neutral act,you can not live lacking it,but you can live with modest as possable,how many´╗┐ of you all do,ill bet the ones bitchen at me wast more power form there dryer then i use all year,fuck off back to dixie white trash ad liveing cunt

  15. a18gregjockca Says:

    meh who cares. the war is´╗┐ appearance.

  16. a18gregjockca Says:

    yep she’s gonna need´╗┐ therapy. antisocial!

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