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18 Responses to “Peter, Paul and Mary – A ‘Soalin’”

  1. shadyalan1 Says:

    Talent is not anything but sheer talent!

  2. Robert Lazaneo Says:

    Everlastingly loved that song. Its very much a Christmas song for me.

  3. thebrokenrattle Says:

    It’s sorta … a’soaling as benefit is not much uncommon than Christmas caroling, or wassailing the Posada march. And the song is part of the Wassail Song, Christmas is Appearance (The goose is being paid stout). And God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

  4. lmbee59 Says:

    “Paul Talk” at the 1964 Concert dual CD. Paul is a hell of a stand-up comedian! Excellent luck, you will find it!

  5. tranurse Says:

    aretha before a live audience piano. Loretta Lynn fake guitar

  6. poipu96756 Says:

    the part on the 1965 live dual album facial appearance the comedy about the young broadcast in the drive? I can not be the world over, and I dredge up it as very amusing. thankfulness.

  7. MrMaxinne Says:

    I everlastingly plotting that was a Christmas song.

  8. John Jensen Says:

    Geee say no, Karen Carpenter (drums and words), or Judith Durham (AA point in music / piano), to not even start in the uncommon broadcast / gospel singers of the day.

  9. John Jensen Says:

    The Seekers, The Friendship, The Eagles, join Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Kingston Trio as a contestant sense, but only in their own style of music. No one sang in the folk style, which made PPM, who and what they were.

  10. Andy Cothran Says:

    In fact, it’s not the past, I plotting it but have their foundation, what it was, even if, speaks dos roots back a very long time ..

  11. smartalek180 Says:

    I’m sweet sure this is an ancient folk song, and sang and everlastingly, in the way of Jahrhunderte.Aber I can not hear in my head in all the other voices, but ihre.Ich you can not thank you ample, ppmcsk, for securing and allotment this fantastic memories.

  12. sue mcfarland Says:

    categorically. may I hark back you that crysstallove, even if he would have guitar in some videos, Robert Plant was not known for his guitar skills. but he kicked royal butt with his singing. There are many artists, whose main talent is her voice, which is ample, primarily in the case of Mrs. Mary Travers, God bless them.

  13. anniekook Says:

    Mary’s voice was her instrument knucklehead ….

  14. TheMobang Says:

    I don’t know Mary * not * to play, not all does …

  15. crysstalLove Says:

    Women were not certified to play instruments rumor has it that hahahaha.

  16. Canadiana71 Says:

    Sting renewed this translation yes?

  17. OSagain Says:

    Peter is on the high end collar when he plays to hear the Octive resonances, if the thread is simple, lacking the contract touched Take note to the sounds (e – b – g)., How they note the early parts of the guitar intros (Malloyism Enter)

  18. Utube300b Says:

    I never even if I can see this normal again .. Thank you very much for the post!

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