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13 Responses to “Pipefitter – Working in Canada”

  1. cullen198404 Says:

    took this guy 9 years to be converted into a fitter must have worked 5 hours a week lol…

  2. cullen198404 Says:

    ya buddy thats why there is like over a thousand jobs in canada right now for fitters you must one dumb piece of shit …

  3. lordcodicus Says:

    It’s a terrible thought to be a fitter, welders can fit their own joints or get a lower wage aide, and laborers can bolt flanges and shit collectively just as well. Dunno why anyone would point out this trade, it’s in the end just an bonus condition for other jobs.

  4. xXxG1LLYxXx Says:

    ive forgot more than this cunt knows, what is he doing tacking that that way? whats he leveling? this bloke for real? with all his fancy kit, your shit , never been a fitter welder…that beating apparatus is older than your broadcast sort it out

  5. nismo122 Says:

    im a fitter also. And if you look close ample, he is tacking the side not the top. So consequently, having the level that would get it done. Maybe he tacked the top and underneath first. Since that would be the third tack, he has to hold it check. Congrats, i hope i don’t have to work in your local where you can’t tell the alteration.

  6. Binglung Says:

    oh shit, a bunch of experts on board. these guys must have wrote the book. maybe the video was abridged to a 4 small video. a 5 following scene on welding a 90 and we got here a bunch of adept commentary.

  7. 19morgan64 Says:

    better risk to pipe than rust !

  8. alsgard2 Says:

    Who uses the oiler when reaming???This video is a joke! And the level left to right? he must be read-owing to thats its level to the pipe.

  9. fitter221 Says:

    the first weld they do he has the level the incorrect way, he must be apprehensive about the 90 point decent being up or down not left to right , you can rotate the pape to suit your left to right needs, as far as up to down he might want to use a vice clamp to level the but weld so that there is exact gap right through 360 degrees. My dad tought me that everlastingly take care of your welder and bartender and you will never have any harms on the road lol

  10. epadrigo Says:

    Pipe fitters must use blue-collar beveling using angle grinders not that GBC tank pipe prepping apparatus. I don’t allow my apprentices use prepping apparatus since it is not a excellent do. I want to teach pipefitting there in Canada if some schooling providers will hire me.

  11. WARRRRRY Says:

    you gotta place the level both ways. i dunno if he did it in the video even if

  12. yz250rider1 Says:

    Why bevel surrounded by of pipe to be welded?? The. Root is going to infiltrate surrounded by anyways! You can thread all the way to 6 inch of you want. And outfit can be used on high difficulty steam with genteel high like thread lube. This video is all lies!! Haha.

  13. rimbo75 Says:

    1:23 look how he place the level.. The other was buddy,,

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