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24 Responses to “Reduction Hurontario in Mississauga. Part 2”

  1. assassin72 Says:

    Had by now in 1989 5 and 10 terrible conveying

  2. patinthehat Says:

    Man, I miss that McDonalds at 07.09, haha. I used there for breakfast after hockey games! Thankfulness for sort-out this!

  3. joeyweezybeatz01 Says:

    2:28 *

  4. joeyweezybeatz01 Says:

    is 2.38 5N10? lol

  5. GetPatriotized Says:

    Was born in 93 some seats still look the same LOL

  6. gargoylez Says:

    Wow, very nice upload. Ahh the excellent ancient days!

  7. Mrwoohoo2 Says:

    Wow looks like a absolutely uncommon city

  8. bielawski1v Says:

    What was the “Phase 2 Appearance Soon” sign for? 25/45 Agnes?

  9. medic0606 Says:

    Like the video, primarily at about the 3:30 mark, when an ancient Halton-Mississauga Ambulance by flies. Very rare confirmation!

  10. JeffTheCanuck2 Says:

    3:16 you can see, Pizza Nova will be used in the mall musicians care to be there. My supporter Kevin was.

  11. ripecow Says:

    I miss the ancient mcdonalds right in the rear the qew underpass

  12. domenicierullo Says:

    a bit much altered in twenty years

  13. Sean Marshall Says:

    Yeah! The ancient-teach Ontario conveying light (olive green, very than the ordinary golden-haired today) are clean to see, too, that Cooksville is just as congested today, even with the 6 Bahnen.BTW, I like how the video ends with Area Starch.

  14. jthree68 Says:

    ! whaaaaat i used to live and sherobee Hurontario: 2170 haha!

  15. jthree68 Says:

    lol dude said 1989 just above the field Description: P

  16. simonproxy Says:

    how ancient is this video man, do not do it a touch like this now?

  17. peleisthegreatest Says:

    do you have to go with Kings masting by manufacturing accident or a name income in Kings masting?

  18. formula8888 Says:

    lol the ghetto part Hurontario stats at 4:00 ..

  19. vanctycanuck Says:

    @ 1:32 is my apartment construction on the right. when I was a kid, I can bike ride down the hill to the hasty promote for my parents. When I was nine my family tree and I went to Vancouver and have since missed this place. Thankfulness for the upload aluimes, I be thankful for it!

  20. padis Says:

    cool! … Hurontario and Dundas at about 4:00

  21. snowstormcan Says:

    If you ever get a chance, I’d like to see these vintage films encourage Highway 7 and 401

  22. Salvus967 Says:

    this is incredible video! What advance has ocurred since those days! You need to make a bestow video drive along the same route!

  23. puskaywacho Says:

    hwo did u get the vidio? u made?

  24. erakeema Says:

    headded the lake shour omg wow i dont belive this is how it looked worn b4 in 1990, and that’s cool, ci grew up in this construction to the left, the first major construction uc their so-called kenef thats were i grew omggg

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