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16 Responses to “Rhapsody of Fire – 03 Drum solo (live in Canada)”

  1. deadkrusty6 Says:

    You go and do what he, as he does, does thousands of broadcast. not simple, my supporter.

  2. metalero690 Says:

    oh, a wikipedia fan. Obtuse broadcast like you can edit wikipedia. slipknot is nu metal. They are all composers. And so are you.

  3. metalero690 Says:

    Joey is a poser.

  4. furydeath Says:

    And it only costs em is 250,000 to do so.

  5. xXNirvanaLithiumXx Says:

    Wikipedia …? lmao gtfo.

  6. MrAdlersson Says:

    everlastingly yeaaaaaa

  7. zibaleah Says:

    slipknot not nu-metal. Read interviews / wikipedia.

  8. Premdus Says:

    Alex was on the road with BG as Thomas had some shape ProblemeIMHO Alex is one of the best drummer in the world … Thomen was best for Blind Custodian, but I reckon he’s worse than Alex … But I like them both and Blind Custodian and Fantastic joy are my myths! 😉

  9. deadkrusty6 Says:

    It can not be a video, where there is a drummer and not broadcast like Joey a note? Ooooon come, guys! Both are fantastic. When Joey overrrated does not make him a terrible drummer.

  10. grazy9000 Says:

    I want to be like HIS … fantastic Alex is best than Jordison

  11. grazy9000 Says:

    I want to be like HIS … Alex is fantastic, but best than Jordison

  12. ThuNDeRhapsodY Says:

    NEW ALBUM FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY-Appearance on 17th June 2011

  13. Jakub Sękowski Says:

    fuckin ‘awe-inspiring!

  14. 12Vanquish Says:

    Hes brother Oliver Holzwarth is the bassist in Blind Custodian. Alex was never apart from Blind Custodian. Thomen Stuatch pwns alex drums even if.

  15. robertop699 Says:

    Man I wish they came here to Ecuador

  16. MrBrawlerkid Says:

    Fantastic joy Of Fire I saw in Caracas a few days! Man …. Alex Holzwarth like an EPIC drum solo with the Starship Troopers theme game was one of the most spectacular equipment I’ve ever seen!

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