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25 Responses to “sacred blade ‘the alien’ live in canada 1980’s”

  1. djschmolli Says:


  2. mikekcmo6742 Says:

    Sacred Blade VS Angel Witch!

  3. PotatoTomatoWhatever Says:

    These guys ruled! I was blown away by their demos and the track on MMIV! The album didn’t really make me feel as excited as I was hoping it would, but it’s great anyway. If you’ve never heard the demos, you’ll love it more than I do! 🙂

    Thanks for this vid! I don’t think they had too much of a NWOBHM sound, but that’s a matter of opinion. I think they were somewhere in between NWOBHM “leftovers” and what was going on in the US at that time… but that may be just me!

  4. steelwizard Says:

    okay 🙂 I understand what you mean.

  5. kingfowley Says:

    cuz it has a nwobhm sound 🙂

  6. steelwizard Says:

    Why is this tagged as NWOBHM? They’re from Canada

  7. savannahsean Says:

    Were these guys from Vancouver? I swear I saw the lead singer/guitarist walking around downtown Bellingham, Washington around 1984.

  8. jugulator0 Says:

    awesome -ahh but he does listen ! hes not forgotten

  9. mikekcmo6742 Says:

    sacred blade, angel witch, raven and others are the inspiration of many of todays musicians

  10. heresjonnylawl Says:

    One of the best bands ever

  11. poeschl2 Says:

    this is f**kin’ great, what a cool time document of the mighty 80s – I love “Of the Sun and Moon”, an totally underrated metal gem !!!!

  12. scales1020 Says:

    man I sure would like to hear these lyrics!

  13. scales1020 Says:

    seriously outstanding! one of the greatest posts on all of youtube! thanx!

  14. djschmolli Says:

    OMFG! what a priceless document of one of the greatest metal bands ever!!

  15. sparkles67 Says:

    i remember seeing these guys back at a club on kingsway??!! kickaxe played there too.

  16. darksouldealer Says:

    have you discovered his secret yet? seems like hes trying to tell us something haha..seriously if what you say id true then tell him that this old metal head still thinks this was one of the coolest tracks hes ever heard

  17. JUGHEAD101101 Says:

    Nobody would beleive me here, But my dad is the guitarist in this band. 🙂 Today I asked him why he never listens to it and he told me someone posted in on youtube! Im 12 By the way. Awesome!

  18. whiteyana14 Says:

    te gek nummer

  19. venom36s Says:

    Holy shit….this is the same song that kicked off the Metal Massacre IV record.and it blew me away.

  20. arielduenas Says:

    cheeeessses fucking christ!!!!
    this brings me back in time!!!
    this is awsome! magnificent!
    thank you!

  21. splat66 Says:

    Fuckin’ great!

  22. spotmcrackin Says:

    I was at this show!
    This was at the West Richmond Rec Center in Richmond, BC, Canada. 1983 or 1984. They played with Randy Rampage’s Ground Zero and D.O.A.
    Great post, Rare!

  23. scales1020 Says:

    classic, kickass, great metal!!!!!!!!thanx for posting!!!!!!

  24. TheeBobOv Says:

    had this on metal massacre 4..kicks ass

  25. warMano88 Says:

    that’s awesome!

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