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17 Responses to “Sept 3rd 2011 – M13 Life Update”

  1. CalcityAirsoft Says:

    You don’t like your wife? 😛

  2. KingofElvess Says:

    da fuck is wrong wit chu?

  3. Kyos131 Says:

    M13 Swearing and ranting <3

  4. normalpsychology Says:

    Can someone, a fan, explain why he “hates” his wife? Was he kidding? Why is he still with her?

  5. TalonRoxUrSox Says:

    I live in Canada! But Ontario though… 🙁 But I do have a fair size house, considering it isn’t a townhouse nor apartment.

  6. lmp94 Says:

    U hate ur wife? 0-o

  7. Nekojack111 Says:

    im from TN!!! w00t!

  8. KillerNinja650R Says:

    “Ya leave the keys in the fucking ignition!!!” hahaha

  9. KillerNinja650R Says:

    Make an official FB page. 

  10. sk8er8920 Says:

    I live from georgia in the united states. and i must say i dont think i’ve seen as many trees and stuff as i do in your videos. i have horrible allergies it looks like i’d actually be able to breathe over there. so much greeeeeen. been watching your videos for a while. you’re a cool guy.

  11. Triumphcruiser Says:

    Did you say you don’t like your wife? I’m shocked hope she doesn’t watch you tube

  12. daand12 Says:

    @13mordeth that a 125cc GY6 engine on ur scooter right? I wish mine 50CC GY6 engine on my Kymco accelerates that fast.

  13. HesBehindYou44 Says:

    Love your vids. Keep it up!!!

  14. xOneLimiTx Says:

    i’m in calgary 🙂

  15. Naturepheonix Says:

    you’re so mean to your friend lol.

  16. TheTbrewer77 Says:

    It would be so cool if you did a bunch of test ride video’s !! like if you went to different dealers and test rode bikes and told us what you think of them. it would cost money of course but if you did that like once every 2 months it wouldn’t be too bad and it would be like a treat for your viewers. i would much rather watch you review a bike than motousa or something.

  17. MrCheapshades Says:

    you should make some videos from canada

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