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10 Responses to “Sonu Nigam – Klose to My Heart 2012 – Live in Toronto”

  1. Tomzadeh Says:

    We want to hear you Sonu, not the damn consultation. Sing the whole freaking song itself

  2. S.M. Al Mamun Says:

    the best of the tour!

  3. juneid7 Says:

    with his Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

  4. juneid7 Says:

    Sorry to say, all my camera could defeat!

  5. juneid7 Says:

    Thank you!

  6. MrAmroze Says:

    Juneid I place your hands collectively u for ur excellent job and the show as a certified shoot. U hav given all the sonu fans a treat! ThnQ VRY much

  7. sameechowdhry Says:

    delight upload the other parts of this tour, Klose my Heart “and if anyone has sonuji much more videos, one can plz youtube supervise over for Sonu live performances ….

  8. akhilb1 Says:

    Sonu Nigam awsome!!

  9. akhilb1 Says:


  10. computeruser1626 Says:

    Thankfulness for the upload!

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