Spartan Race 2011 Ottawa

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14 Responses to “Spartan Race 2011 Ottawa”

  1. ThinKFasT03 Says:

    deep enough to drink!

  2. DBNification Says:

    how deep is the water in the Spartan Race?

  3. Skulls2300 Says:

    Nice …. when will you race? I Racing 3 June

  4. michelleeventer19 Says:

    I train 🙂

  5. kenny964 Says:

    You know this is fake right

  6. michaelcrowley420 Says:

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  7. Luis Carrillo Says:

    Next stop … Mount modoriyama!

  8. serder910630 Says:

    tell someone, he int the U.S. camp fortune go to chelsea lives, they won, t even know where Chelsea is in Quebec. Ottawa gives people all aroudn the world to know a lcoation to where it is. MTL not monthly, not in toronto toronto either is it jsut the general situation.

  9. cesear123456 Says:

    10th September! AROOOOH!

  10. Skulls2300 Says:

    if anyone cares to train with me for next year, message me … or if you want to be in a team. I am trainning for next year 😉 Join the fun.

  11. anne7x7 Says:

    YES! So fun! Can not wait to do it again!

  12. shellaminou Says:

    Why is it called the Ottawa Race? It does not even take place in Ontario, is it in Quebec. It was still a great race and I can not wait for next year!

  13. binlagin Says:

    Great video! Nice editting

  14. serder910630 Says:

    hell yeah best race of my life!

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