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19 Responses to “Super Manege Front Seat on-ride HD POV La Ronde, Montreal, Canada”

  1. Costerguy1234556 Says:

    The thing seems abysmal condition, even for an old Vekoma is bad taste.

  2. tycoonkid9 Says:

    Super-vortex Holiday Park – never laid

  3. wwwCOASTERFORCEcom Says:

    Manège is French for “Ride”. Tornado was that Six Flags Belgium (now Walibi Belgium) was never moved after it was dismantled in 2006, but Corkscrew at Playland was moved from Boblo Iceland in Ontario, Canada, where it was called Screamer.

  4. wwwCOASTERFORCEcom Says:

    Yes and yes.

  5. Zelda Hackenbush Says:

    What is the English name for this ride? Is it Corkscrew at Playland or Tornado at Six Flags Belgium?

  6. wwwCOASTERFORCEcom Says:

    We have already posted several videos of Leviathan. Do you know how to do a search of the videos on our channel? If not, let us know and we will help Glady.

  7. TheThecoolerthanme12 Says:

    Oh ya well i thought it was great!! Keep up the good work and you can film the Leviathan in Canada Wonderland pls

  8. fuzzytoefrogz69Demi Says:

    I love this: D

  9. Meteorotaki Says:

    Hmm, I went on a Vekoma Boomerang with the new trains, I think it was at CP, not sure. Anyway, they were definitely an improvement over the older trains, but still, boomerang, SLC, and corkscrews have a boring route

  10. AmatsuNL Says:

    You do. Look for Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios Singapur.Es is annoying, like most people stereotype Vekoma Rides and automatically declare rides crappy if they indicate that they are to be found built by Vekoma.

  11. AmatsuNL Says:

    Corkscrew at Genting Highlands in Malaysia is awesome with the newer Vekoma MK1212 features. Hopefully this trip will be the ones to get.

  12. Mark Trenfield Says:

    I’m a real sucker for old Vekoma Corkscrew Coaster. I love them! This should be one of the smoothest of the lot, obviously.

  13. Meteorotaki Says:

    The only thing that this trip really needs is to be replaced with something that does not suck it 🙂

  14. Meteorotaki Says:

    Really? Super-arena? “Great Ride” is a shitty name, especially if the ride sucks big time.Blick on this curve, absolutely nothing was straight, I saw a dent in all of them. Seems worse than the 80s Vekomas

  15. manbearpig900 Says:

    Looks horrible.

  16. Rockr21190 Says:

    This ride needs a new coat of paint. News moves would not hurt either. Perhaps an upgrade station.

  17. lovelal2 Says:

    @ Softballbabe143ify In just afraid I’d drop the camera …

  18. softballbabe143ify Says:

    Yes @ lovelal2

  19. x9natedawg Says:


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