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8 Responses to “SWITCHFOOT Canada Tour May 16 – 29, 2011”

  1. simplylogan93 Says:

    I was SO stoked when I found out there were coming to Vernon, and it was the best concert ever!!!!

  2. albmov Says:

    Couldn’t get a ride :(. So sorry I missed out. Would have been an amazing birthday treat 😉
    Hope to catch them next time they come around. Very grateful they made it around these parts around this time of year hehe
    Thank you so much for your reply 🙂 Really brightened my day 😀

  3. EveryEyeMedia Says:

    Hope you came!!! Jon jumped into the crowd three times AND played an after show on the steps of the hospital across the street!

  4. EyesTelescope07 Says:

    ya! go canada! che!

  5. brownsweetsugar Says:

    3 Toronto visits in 3 years…keep the concerts coming.

  6. colombianballer55 Says:


  7. albmov Says:

    You are golden 🙂 I might just make Kingston work after all. 😀
    It will be a great time for sure 😉 Can’t wait!

    You guys rock! 😀

  8. EveryEyeMedia Says:

    – This is Switchfoot’s “tour” video; thus mentioning only their Canadian Tour stops; but there are a couple other dates as well. For the price of a general admission ticket at Montreal’s conference, you could get a VIP pass on tour and meet the band in Kingston 🙂 Wherever you see the show; it will be absolutely AMAZING!!!

    And yes – we would LOVE to visit Ottawa on the next time through!

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