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Immigration Canada News Brief July 2013
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At least three great nations fought to possess the beautiful and rich land of Canada. These were France, Great Britain, and America. The present culture of Canada proved to have equal domination from the three great nations. So, what makes Canada have the greatness of these nations? This was because of the country’s rich history.

Origin of the Word “Canada”

It was St. Lawrence Iroquoian who first called the country as “kanata,” a word meaning “settlement” or “village.” The word “kanata” was continuously used by the early settlers of Quebec City to direct Jacques Cartier to the village called Stadacona. But Cartier instead used the word “Canada” in order to refer to the village as well as other near areas. Therefore, explorers next to Cartier referred to the country as “Canada.”

The word “Canada” was still used to refer to the French colonies in the country. When Great Britain took over the colony, the areas were called Lower Canada and Upper Canada. But the two areas were later reunited and were simply called as the Province of Canada.

During the 1867 Confederation, the word “Canada” was used to refer to the entire country. Until these days, the great country is called and is popular as “Canada.”

Canada’s First Settlers

Many historical and archeological studies have seen traces of human existence in Canada since the earliest times. In fact, there were already pieces of evidence that there were settlers in the country some 26,000 years ago. These are what they call as the aboriginal people of Canada.

Although studies have proofs of earlier people in Canada, the first arrival of Europeans in the country never found traces of the aboriginal people. Instead, the colonizers found the Vikings settling in the country.

European Exploration of Canada

John Cabot was believed to be the first European to step on the lands of Canada. However, there were also accounts that Christopher Columbus has contact with the country’s people before Cabot’s arrival.

It was in 1497 when Cabot landed on Canada in the name of England. After few decades, in 1534, Jacques Cartier was able to reach the country for France. Another French explorer named Samuel de Champlain also arrived in the country in 1603. He was responsible for the first permanent settlement of Europeans in the county in Quebec City. This move is the reason why there were people who can speak French in the country when Canada was further explored by other nations.

Modern “Colonization” of Canada

Settling in Canada like the early Vikings is made easier now because of the country’s welcoming attitude for other peoples. Even working in the country may be chosen by some due to its economic stability. There are still many reasons why people would want to “colonize” or be “colonized” by Canada. Besides, living in Canada does not mean to abort one’s hometown because people who decided to settle here can still get in touch with their relatives in other countries.

To call Canada is now as cheap as calling someone in the same town. A person can cheaply call Canada through his regular mobile phone or through his computer having fast Internet connection.

There are even cheap calls to America from Canada or from other parts of the world with the new offerings of technological advancement. Thanks to the continuous development of communications technology. People can get closer and closer even if their loved ones are in a place of great history like Canada.