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You has a car accident, and you are not sure what to do. Call the police the first time. Your car insurance Quebec will be the insurance that will help you in this situation. The details of your accident are important to note.

in A case where there are no injuries, it would be best to move the car out of the way of traffic. If it is impossible then the placement of hazard lights, cones, triangles or flares in the vicinity of need. Then you can start to notice the details of how the accident happened.

The important items to put down on paper is the way in which the accident happened. What you need to know the time it happened, the date and the place. Note on the speed of the vehicles and the road conditions which will help to.

The name and all other relevant information with regard to the owner as well as the information on the car registration is very important to note. If there are passengers or witnesses, their information is necessary to. A sketch, as one can be provided would be very useful. If you happen om’n camera available that will be even better to document all the details.

Quebec insurance stipulates that when jy’n accident, you have the responsibility of protecting your own vehicle against further damage. Hopefully, you have purchased collision or all perils coverage, which will pay for the damage. In the Quebec government is the owner and operator ofâ part of the insurance plan.

In this province, the private insurer that provides car insurance is regulated by the provincial laws and also under surveillance by the government. It’s a two-level system. The government makes provision for injuries to people and the private sector coverage for damage to property.

After the accident, if there’s injury aan’n person, since the system is not the debt, the person has no right to sue for pain and suffering. Also is this person allowed to sue for added medical expenses or for economic issues. It encourages people to to the best coverage that they can afford.

That in Quebec you find that you have to koop’n third party liability. There’s a required minimum and the insurers compete by offering different coverage options with different prices and services. This insurance is the one that will cover you for damage to property within the province. If you are outside the province then you are covered for personal injury and damage to property.

Carriers transporting hazardous materials has a higher cost of liability insurance than the usual vehicles. For this type of insurance coverage that you will approach the private companies. You can purchased has a off-road vehicle and thought that your home insurance would be the coverage that you need. It is not the case. The third party liability for your off-road vehicle is very high, so that you can reconsider.

Insurance is something that we all feel is too expensive. However, when something happens we are grateful that we have insurance. In Quebec there are no options, since the government controls one potion of it.