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With green wooded forests, hundreds of clear, clear lakes and winding rivers that gush out from its rocky interior, Quebec – the heartland of the French Culture – is one of Canada’s most different provinces. Canada’s largest province by area, Quebec is the home of two completely different, but vibrant cities – Quebec City and Montreal.

Montreal, known as the Underground City’s sprawling metropolis with a global cachet. The most eclectic of Canada’s cities, Montreal is abundant with cathedrals, basilicas and museums, art galleries that will satisfy your desire for cultural satisfaction and give jou’n real insight into the past and present of this colourful city. The vibrant island city floating his rich Euro-heritage along its historical streets, crowd enchanted with his French-Canadian culinary delights and attracts people in to revel in the city’s exciting microcosm of diverse culture.

Quebec City, on the other hand is the soul of the province. One of North America’s oldest and most beautiful settlements, the culturally diverse city’s harmonious unity of the old and new. The star attraction in this soulful city is the picturesque Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town’s living museum of narrow, winding cobble stoned streets, soaring church spires and 18th century mansard roof houses and with the grand Château Frontenac towering above it all, this magical part of the city shows much more as a glimmer of Old Europe in its sidewalk cafes, neat squares and classic bistro that is just begging to be discovered.

Québec City is also known for its great entertainment. During the summer months, musicians, acrobats and actors take to the streets, while the amazing sounds of the festivals fill the air with fireworks and songs. During the winter months, Quebec Winter Carnival to the fore with all its glory.

Both of these cities are chock full of the spectacular sights and attractions. Their compact sizes make it perfect for walking and exploring at leisure, and they shine brightest when you slow down to enjoy their treasures.