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Veendam first cruise ship to visits Halifax 2016 time of year

The authoritative start of the time of year for cruise ships in 2016 started on Saturday daylight with the arrival of Veendam, a Holland America Line ship. & amp; quot; I’m surveillance a spill of [passengers] from now. I can see the other side of the …
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McDonald called Canada’s first independent McCafe in Toronto

The struggle is brewing in the brunette trade that Canada McDonald’s opens first McCafe in a new stand-alone piece for billion Canadians spend annually on java. The first McCafe place opens Wednesday daylight in the Toronto Union Rank & amp; nbsp; …
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Syrian refugees first Saskatchewan on the way to Saskatoon

… For a local hotel for a night to rest and have a touch to eat while coming up for the next stage of their journey to their destination union, & amp; quot; wrote Don Murray, a expressive of the colonization, immigrant and position of Canada, in an email …
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