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There are many steps to hire a foreign worker in Canada. To start the company that wants to hire a foreign worker must meet all requirements of Service Canada. The company must present an opinion on the labor market (TN) Application. This application is primarily a business to apply for approval with the govt of Canada to hire a foreign worker.

A number of requirements for the labor market demand notices for companies wishing to hire foreign workers are:

1. The employer must demonstrate that they have initiated efforts to recruit permanent residents or citizens. Each province has a minimum website advertising for employers.

2. Foreign workers must have a regular salary as set by Service Canada for this NOC code and location of where the work is actually provided.

3. Working environments must meet the specifications of the provincial labor.

4. Govt calls for assistance the employer of foreign workers to obtain housing that does not exceed an established part of their salary.

Where the employer has complied with the requirements of the pre-production and completed the job market would demand, they must submit the application. When Service Canada assesses the application and grant approval, then the foreign worker must submit their permit application with the Consulate that covers their area. Several places without their own individual Canadian Consulate and must rely on the Canadian consulates in other countries around the world.

Consular officers in Canada generally require foreign workers to undergo medical examinations before entering business in Canada. The visa officer of Canada may refuse a permit application for a foreign worker on a variety of causes.

A number of the most common reasons for refusal are available:

1. The foreign worker candidate failed the health professional.

2. The foreign worker candidate is certainly a danger to the safety and security.

3. The candidate foreign worker does not meet standards of the profession as shown with Gov.


4. The candidate has a foreign worker history.Any these criminal cases mentioned above will be the candidate foreign worker inadmissible to Canada.

The Visa Canada will inform the candidate of foreign workers in writing of its conclusion. If the foreign worker candidate is okayed in principle, they will receive a letter indicating they are eligible for work permits in Canada. After arriving at the Canadian border, they will be required to provide this letter and then they can be issued work permits in that time.