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Every individual wants to grow and to thrive. In the past two decades, the new name for the growth is immigration as the developed countries are now offering good opportunities to qualified individuals and skilled labour. Although the Canada immigration process indispensable little bit strict, people are more interested in going to Canada if the offers are highly lucrative and inspiring.

The main purpose of the visit to Canada is to earn more income and improve the quality of life. Since the country offers lot of jobs in a well established companies and have also receive a highly-developed infrastructure, people get to live and a lavish life style and also the advancement of their career in a better way. Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians has more demand as the industrialization in Canada is booming.
Duties of Technologists

As electronic or electrical technologist, you will be expected to carry out the following duties:

*Develop, design and test the industrial control system process, the testing of the power systems and equipment, broadcast, telecommunication, micro-electronic circuits and systems, audiovisual systems and the survey, the computer networks and systems, computers and computer software.
*the Construction of supervision and testing of the prototypes as per the established standards and general instructions.
*Supervise or perform the commissioning, the installation and the operation of the electronic and electrical systems and equipment apart from the aircraft instruments or electronics.
*to Carry out dedicated research in various fields of electronic and electrical engineering, as well as physics under the expert guidance of engineers or scientists.
*Develop and work from standard and specialized equipment for the test to test, diagnose and analyze the performance of the electronic and electric components, systems and assemblies
*Write schedules, specifications and technical reports and control of budgets and schedules.
As a applicant for the post ofâ technologist, you should be aware of the requirement for this to work, so you can do proper justice to it once you are in Canada. You can always take the help of online websites of’n well-known consultant to kry’n updated and detailed information on this.
Duties of Technicians
As electronics and electrical technicians, you are expected to do following duties:
*Assist in the development, design and testing of the electronic and electric components, systems and equipment.
*Provide assistance in the testing, inspection, evaluation and adjustment of the incoming electro-mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies and component to ensure compliance with tolerances and product specifications.
*Provide assistance in the testing and building of prototypes according to specifications.
*Perform burn-ins or life tests on record and assemblies and analyze the results.
So, if you are interested in joining by’n Canadian company in Canada as a technician, you will be better off if you are well informed about all the duties you would be expected to meet during your stay there. Good work and dedication ensure that you get the PR visa and settle in Canada.

Canada offers lucrative job opportunities and therefore it is maar’n natural for the qualified professional to take interest in the immigration. But since the requirements are very strict, you must take the help ofâ consultant for immigration Canada to ensure success.

Travel is full of pleasure and fun. It enables one to learn about the cultures and lifestyles of the people around the world. When one of plan to relocate in a country such as Canada; the idea is good in every way. Canada bied’n amazing and luxury life style. It promises to provide enough jobs and high standard of education to the visitors. In terms of safety and health care the country is beautiful in every way.

Settling in Canada is the most important step in the direction ofâ exciting journey ahead. When one plan is to move to Canada, the most important process is to go under the immigration procedure and meet the formalities ofâ visa. Usually, the process is very complicated and full of hassles, but with the assistance on the experienced people like law firms in Canada, the task can be simpler and fast. They help in the simplification of the task by sorting out the issues. They can also provide valuable insights about the community life in Canada, educational and employment opportunities, housing facilities, etc.

Such people are experts in the field and have experience of handling thousand of cases. They bied’n comprehensive range of services to ensure rapid and successful immigration. They are dedicated and committed to their work and make the best possible efforts for achieving the target. They understand the complexity and the complication of the case and may indicate op’n systematic and need-based approach to the achievement of the goals. Their expert advice and representation to help stations in the handling of the application.

Though it is not mandatory to huur’n attorney for the purpose of immigration, but it can lead to delay in the matter. In order to ensure timely and successful immigration people immigration Canada lawyer can only help you. This is because most of the lawyers in Canada are well skilled in their task and have license to the legal representation. They has a result-oriented approach. They strive to make the process comfortable by reassuring thoughtful representation to the client. They hou’n reputation to build deur’n few years of work experience with the immigration authority.

They help in the provision ofâ free assessment of the qualification and suitability of the client; on the basis of which they determine the category for the application for the immigration. Following are the different categories for the application of immigration in Canada:

* Immigration for the business purpose: If the person wants to invest in Canada to voer’n business venture.

* Immigration with work permits: Those who want to work in Canada. However, before they moet’n job offer from Canada. There are certain exemptions in this category that also allow dat’n person to immigrate without a work permit.

* Immigration with the study of permits: In order to kry’n study visa the person has to get admission in an institute in Canada. However, the study permit is not needed if the program is up to six months.

Somewhere in the Canadian immigration can also disqualify someone to immigrate on the medical ground or criminal conviction. The task of the lawyers is to solve the problems banning the immigration. They ensure quick, timely, hassle free immigration.

Canada’s attractive choice for many. It’s a big, beautiful country. It is also receive a safe place to live, governed by the rule of law. Moreover, even gedurende’n period of economic recession, the Canadian standard of living is likely to remain strong. Most likely, we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is not surprising that people want to make Canada their home.

While in theory there are something like 60 different Canadian immigration streams, practically speaking, the average person who is interested in immigration probably only have 3 options. Let’s look at each of the options: Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, and Spousal or Common-law Partner Sponsorship.

Print Subscription

Print Entry is now the dominant method of economic immigration in Canada. The Express Entry system first requires that applicants to voltooi’n online profile that assigns them points, based on things like age, work history, educational background, language ability, family situation, and arranged employment. Qualifying applicants with sufficient points are later invited om’n application for permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

To the create ofâ online profile, applicants (and their spouses or common law partners) must the results ofâ valid English or French language proficiency exam (IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF) as well as recognized educational credential assessment for the education completed outside Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program(s)

While there are actually dozens of the PNP streams, typically only one or two streams is worth considering for any given applicant. If you currently live in, or have strong ties to, a particular province (d. w. s, work experience in that province or voltooi’n some education in the province), you should probably just look at the provincial nominee options of that province. In most provinces, there’s a stream dedicated to skilled (or in some cases, semi-skilled) workers who have arranged employment in that province.

PNP applicants must first apply for the nomination by means ofâ province’s PNP stream. Once nominated, applicants may then apply to CIC for permanent residence.

Spousal or Common-law Partner Sponsorship

Express Entry and PNP are both focused on economic immigration. Unfortunately, many would-be applicants will not be able to qualify onder’n economic immigration stream. For some of those people, a sponsorship application can make a possibility. In the vast majority of the cases, the only sponsorship options available for those who are married, or living common-law, Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Many international students, temporary foreign workers, and long-term visitors to Canada to develop meaningful relationships with the Canadians while they were living in Canada. For those people, sponsorship can bied’n opportunity to stay in Canada when other options are not available. Those who are legally married with the Canadian or permanent residents may be able to apply immediately. For those who are in common law relationships with Canadian or permanent residents, they must wait to apply until after they have been in that relationship for at least one year.