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Journey Tips: How to deal with long flights

certified nomad Brandon Presser (he wrote journey books over 50) has been on countless long flights. PHOTOS: the craziest ways to beat jet lag. It can not help your seat assignment (ie a back row, median seat in the bathroom) or boredom, but …
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“I’ll How long Live ? and other helpful online retirement calculators

How much money do you need to retire? Not dredge up compelling your calculator. Turn to your pad, dosage or smartphone as a substitution for. Guess as we enter 2016, a on the rise digit of online tools, applications and websites can help Canadians to retire with a & amp; nbsp; …
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Audit finds journey The expenses of the fee the Port of Long Beach questionable
The Port of Long Beach has spent tens of thousands of dollars to fund the journey of spouses who accompanied Harbour Commissioners and staff on trips to Tokyo, Paris and Montreal, even with the restrictions of the city prohibit such refunds , a city audit shows.
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