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Travel to Mexico or Canada is on the minds of most United States citizens at one point of time. Since these countries are well-known in North America, not citizens of the U.S. will likely want to take part in one of these holidays.
Let’s look at Mexico. Mexico is part of North America and the south of the United States of america. It is quite large, and offers more than sixty thousand miles of coastline for would be beach goers, explorers, hikers, snorkelers, and scuba divers.
In Mexico one can easily vind’n place to snorkel with the local aquatic life, or perhaps neem’n mountain hike to dormant volcanoes home to large caverns where you can then scuba dive. A trip like this to Mexico is not only adventurous but can help build bonds with your honeymoon partner, family or friends. As exhausting climbs is not your idea ofâ good time, there’s a plethora of beaches to choose from. Cancun is usually seen as a singles paradise for college kids, but there are many other beaches that offer blue waters and calm beach life. Isla Blanca and Playa del Carmen are just two of these beaches. There is also receive a nude beaches for adults only which allows you to truly relax, unwind, and mingle with the other travelers and of course the natives: Zipolite, hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club, Playa Naturel, Playa Sonrisa, Cabanas Copal, Azulik, Punta Serena Villas and Spa, and last but not the least is the Desire Riviera Maya which actually encourages sexuality with displays of dancing and sexual overtones to travelers.
Mexico offer also receive a robust shopping, hiking, and restaurant experience. Since tourism is very popular in Mexico you will be able to buy and eat almost anything you can think of, but this time it will be authentic, compared with the fast food places in the united states. The eco tours through the valleys is also receive a good way to not only exercise your body, but your mind as you form bonds with your partner.
Let’s look at Canada. Canada is part of North America and north of the United States and Mexico. It is the home ofâ variety of climate, although the more north one goes, the colder it becomes. In fact, Canada is the home of the most Eastern part of North America, Cape Spear located in New Foundland which is the premier location for fresh, pollution free life in the sea, and a great for the fisherman traveler. Whale watching, and the big prize catches are the norm here. Most people know about Niagra Falls, but have you geweet’n even larger waterfall exists that is man-made? Located in Edonmontown known as the Great Divide Waterfall which can be turned on and off, depending on the seasons. One thing Mexico and Canada have in common is the running of the bulls. Canada has its own version of this in the Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede where participants actually betaal’n fee to be chased by these pointy behemoths.
Canada is also the home of many artists and fine dining. In fact, Canada has some of the oldest art stone carvings ever recorded. Although people assume the Mayan culture in Mexico are the only ancient civilizations this six thousand year old murals depicting the great hunting and partying prove otherwise located at Writing on Stone in the Provincial Park.
While Canada and Mexico are very different in terms of the environment they have very similar activities to participate in. If you are looking vir’n more traditional fun in the sun honeymoon than Mexico would be the safe bet. If you want to experience glacier viewing, art work, history, and anything else of the united states, Canada’s a great choice. Whatever you do, be sure to visit both, and make your own conclusions.

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