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Tourism is not the only draw of Canada. As a very progressive and wealthy country, foreigners also sometimes come here to look for work or begin’n business. It is easy to see that most Canadians live comfortably, and that there are opportunities for foreigners om’n to make life in the country. It is one of the reasons why the country’s a melting pot of cultures from all over the world.

There is no special visa of’n travel document required for people who just want to explore business possibilities in the country. A regular temporary resident visa will suffice, which means that you can also use your Super Visa (which moet’n relief given the cost of Super Visa insurance and other necessary requirements). In this case you will not have to use business as your reason for the visit of the country since as a Super Visa holder it is assumed that your main goal is to be with your children or grandchildren in Canada. You can therefore stay for as long as two years. If you nie’n visa yet though, and you do not come ofan visa exempt country, you should just say that you are coming to Canada for business purposes. But don’t expect to be allowed to stay for two years op’n business visa.

As a business visitor, you are expected to stay vir’n maximum of six months in Canada. If your stay exceeds that period of time, you may have to apply vir’n work permit and change your status to that ofâ temporary worker.

You will also be required to comply with the other requirements for temporary resident visa applications: a valid passport, proof of financial independence while in Canada (which you can pay for your expenses while in the country), and prove that you are nie’n criminal of’n security or health risk. The visa officers will also ask for other documents that will indicate that you intend to return to your country of origin after six months. Visa extensions, as mentioned above, is geensins’n certainty.

Business visitors are also required to show that their main source of income is from their own country of’n third country. Entering the country to look for work is generally not allowed. However, you are allowed to offer supervisory or after-sales service. With a business visa you are not allowed to provide labor om’n Canadian company as it means that you are paid deur’n Canadian employer, who is only permitted with a work visa.

Foreigners are allowed to conduct the following business activities, as stated by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada):

1. Attend business meetings, international conventions, and conferences held in Canada.
2. The purchase of goods or services of the country and pay for their shipment out of Canada.
3. Receive training or give training aan’n Canadian company that is also receive a partner or parent company of the one you are working for.
4. Receive training ofâ Canadian company from which you purchased the equipment or services.

If you are planning to work in Canada in any capacity, whether permanent or temporary, and in any situation, you must obtain a work visa. The process, like any bureaucratic measure, is a person who has involved many steps.

<strong>The first work</strong>

A visa is required to work in Canada, but before you even begin the application process, you must ensure that some basic requirements have been met.

You must ensure you have a job. A work visa will not be issued to a person who has not yet been offered a job in Canada to apply for a visa, you must have a job already lined
Your prospective employer must demonstrate a need. For the allocation of the application, the employer with whom you have been offered employment must demonstrate that opportunities for residents in Canada would not be affected by your job. In other words, it should not be citizens or qualified residents interested in this position known to the employer. This knowledge is demonstrated by the presentation of the employer at the Center for Human Resource Development in the town where employment is sought.

In some cases, there are exceptions to the rule approval. Employees of charities, spouses of certain workers, employed under international agreements, and others may be allowed to skip step number two above.


The next step in the process of visa application is the application itself. Application forms are readily available online or by mail. Obtain application forms for a fee, which is of the order in Canadian dollars. There are also costs related to treatment and these changes according to the country of application.

It is important to note that all requirements for a visa that allows you to work in Canada are the same for citizens from different countries. In most cases, documentary evidence will be needed:

The forms duly filled and signed, including two pieces of photo identification at the latest for both you and your family.
Additional application forms.
Tax payments that are non-refundable.
Proof of sufficient funds.

The Government of Canada provides guidelines specific to each country for visa requirements for those wishing to work on a temporary basis in the country. This information can be obtained from the Embassy or at the site of the Government of Canada.